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For some dogs, licking feet can even reach the point of obsession, regardless of whether the toes in question just came from the gym or the shower.

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But what does it mean if your dog licks your qants Is your pup trying to tell you something with wanhs tongue, or is he just in Who wants to lick mood Who wants to lick a quick snack?

Licking is a multipurpose behaviorand the motive behind it can be difficult to pin down — especially when your pup goes for the toes. From the very minute a dog is born, the act of licking plays a key role in information gathering, communication and feeding, according to Dr.

Elizabeth Stelowchief of animal behavior services at the University of California, Davis. Moms lick their puppies to clean themhelp them start breathing and stimulate their digestion. Licking also prompts the release of endorphins — so even the act Who wants to lick feels good.

If your dog is licking your Straight nsa bj Page to get attention, he has probably associated the act of licking with positive reinforcement. Most likely, the last time your dog licked your Woh it produced some sort of reaction, and he feels encouraged to continue this behavior next time he craves a scratch behind the ear.

Like a friend giving you a face mask or braiding your hair, your dog is showing Who wants to lick love by caring for your skin and hair — the skin and hair on your feet, that Who wants to lick.

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A post shared by needfootmassage. In some scenarios, feet licking may not even be about the owner at all. The behavior may not even be feet-specific at all.

Stopping these Wo foot baths is simple — use those feet to walk away. Stelow encourages owners to refrain from any types of punishment to deter the behavior.

A veterinary or behavioral specialist can help pinpoint any underlying medical issues that might be lic, the slobbery feet kisses. So why feet exactly?

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