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glendale videos -

Video shows Glendale officer lied about traffic stop abc Chicken wings the victim while telling him to "relax". Then complains the victim is "pulling away" while trying to not have his arm broken.

Everything about this video is what is wrong with police. From the illegal stop, to the illegal threats, to the illegal assault.

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Officer Schneider belongs in jail and a whole lot of people should be fired. Departments need to stop hiring sociopaths that intentionally create situations where they can assault someone.

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And departments need to fire whoever is training police to do this because lawsuits are costing citizens millions. On the job you learn there are two types of Glehdale IA and their integrity, if any, is a reflection of the chief. IA should be run by an outside office and should be incentivized the same way as cops. Text sex in Glendale see no reason that IA should ever be friendly with the cops, Texr the prosecuting attorney should be independent, not the local cop buddy DA.

The real kicker is the police in other subs still defending this.

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If people feel more anxious Text sex in Glendale the police are around, there's something horrible horribly wrong. They are like a sports team you root for no matter what the team does. The cops are like the New England patriots. That's why I look at all cops with distrust and won't let my kids play with theirs and don't really care if they get shot or whatever.

If anything, you should all be grateful he did not kill the man with his Text sex in Glendale as he should have done the moment he began fearing for his life.

Men lying on Beautiful mature wants friendship Vermont ground while arm locked are one of the most lethal threats officers can ever encounter during their police career. I have family who are police, and every Text sex in Glendale I ssx a story like this I get just Text sex in Glendale more afraid for them. Those cops letting Officer Schneider get away with his crimes are making every other cop's job just a little more difficult and a little more dangerous.

Do they just not care, or are they just too dumb to know that's one result of their actions? Did I just witness a sexual assault and kidnapping?

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One article I read says the man and his wife Glenfale weeks in jail because they couldnt bail themselves out. All sorts of fucked up. Remember when California got rid of bonds and redditors started crying about how the poor bail Lonely ladies Providence area would lose their livelihoods?

Police departments love to talk about how they are trying to build a relationship with the community, and then turn around and do shit like that. Text sex in Glendale everyone should be a Glehdale, have some standards and get rid of the bad ones and then maybe the community won't hate you all the time. You also forgot the part about sexually assaulting the victim and exposing the victim's genitals Which is a felony in its own Text sex in Glendale.

Every time they're captured on video lying about the law the prosecutor should have to enter it as exculpatory evidence impeaching the character of the officer for Tedt court cases for the rest of the officer's career.

In my opinion it falls firmly under a Brady disclosure.

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Following Brady, the prosecutor must disclose evidence or information that would prove the innocence of the Text sex in Glendale or would enable the defense to more im impeach the credibility of government witnesses. Evidence that the cop lies about the law to people he's trying to arrest definitely helps to impeach calls into question the credibility of the cop.

As far as I'm aware it's only used for when a cop is caught lying in court. Not when they lie out on the street to a person. Yeah, that's what Brady violations and the Brady list is: Besides, the supreme court ruled I forget the case that it is permissible and expected for the police to be able to lie in the course of their duties, as otherwise they held that Text sex in Glendale would be completely ineffective in conducting investigations. A ruse is one example of such a permissible lie.

However, Text sex in Glendale false arrest or detention, both of which were the case here, are not in that realm afaik, which means that this guy should have faced stuff penalties just for that portion of this case, Text sex in Glendale alone the use of force issues. This guy Sexy wife wollongong dead wrong no matter how you cut it and needs to pay the piper. Sure but there's a distinct difference between lying to a suspect during an investigation prompted by reasonable suspicion or probable cause and just lying to an everyday person about the law without even reasonable suspicion of a crime to warrant an investigative detention.

That's not "lying in the course of their duties". Text sex in Glendale was no duty to ID the passenger during a traffic stop.

Like the guy in the video. He was a passenger in the vehicle, he did absolutely nothing illegal, and did nothing to warrant any reasonable suspicion that he was involved in any crime. I can agree with that on principle. Lying about the law to create grounds for reasonable suspicion is different in my mind than a ruse Ladies want nsa Kingston mines Illinois 61539 gain compliance or information.

I don't think this case lands in that realm though the more that of it. The Officer tried to use a questionable ruse when he didn't have a justifiable detention on the passenger and when that failed he went straight to an unlawful detention which, when questioned, escalated to an unlawful use of force followed by an arrest on shit Text sex in Glendale.

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Text sex in Glendale No question of Brady or quasi-Brady here, just shit police work. The cop lied to a person, that wasn't reasonably suspected of a crime, about the law so that he could coerce the person with threat of arrest violating his civil rights well outside the scope of his duty and authority.

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Those actions definitely tend to impeach the character of the officer. That Glendaale falls under Brady. My thing is a question of whether the Officer demanded the passenger's ID under the color of a lie or as a mistake e. If it was Text sex in Glendale then it isn't this quasi-Brady that we're speaking about, it's just someone who doesn't know their job well enough.

If he was Text sex in Glendale in order to elicit the type of cooperation needed to investigate whatever suspicions he had which did not rise to the level of a legal detention, as we've already agreed to then we've entered the gray area of what could be covered in this quasi-Brady we keep referencing. To be Text sex in Glendale, I don't think it would be the same thing as Brady by any means but would be something different since Brady is about being trusted in court versus just general interactions in public.

Text sex in Glendale

This quasi-Brady thing would, in practice, probably have to look like some sort of "scarlet letter" type of set up in order to have the desired effect in the course Text sex in Glendale their every day duties.

In general yes they can lie. You're generally allowed to lie about facts of the case, you aren't however allowed to misrepresent state local or federal law to Glejdale arrest.

And in this context "aren't allowed" means "not Text sex in Glendale to do a thing but nevertheless it's done all of the time and no one ever gets in trouble for doing it". If you're caught doing it you get put on the Brady list by the prosecutors office because they don't want to cede a case simply because of an untruthful officer.

Naughty wives want sex Little Rock it's not Glenddale by criminal statute however it does one better and essentially blacklists you from ever giving credible testimony.

Moreover in this case the misrepresentation of law is the direct cause of illegal enforcement actions, Text sex in Glendale cause for a suit. Simply because you can technically do something legally doesn't at all mean it will behoove you to do it.

Even in cases where Textt lie is technically allowed in many cases it can destroy your evidence and testimony.

In general your told not lie except in rare cases because generally it will do more harm then good. All that Text sex in Glendale in this day Gpendale age of cameras everywhere if you have a habit of misrepresenting Text sex in Glendale to effectuate arrest chances are there will be video of it which can be used during impeachment to imply you simply don't understand the law at a basic level or you're a chronic liar, either way your credibility takes a hit and prosecutors get a bit upset about that.

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We put him against a wall shoot ssex then hang his body in front of his station to tell the other cops that this is Text sex in Glendale reward they have in store. We as a nation must stop being soft on cops. Kill those who abuse their powers.

No more getting to move cities.

Not sure that the correct response to inhuman sadism is Text sex in Glendale react by similarly medieval acts. Plus, what do you think is more punishment Glensale death via firing squad, or decades or life in prison, being a cop that did something like that?

Local sluts in west Albuquerque New Mexico The issue isn't that their punishment is insufficient. The issue is that their punishment is basically non-existent and they're not being prosecuted. At that Glebdale the punishment isn't for them it's for their buddies in the station.

Cops already don't care about the law when it comes to them Text sex in Glendale they must be dealt with harsher and more swiftly. If they want to live by the sword they should die by it as well. A message just Glencale well served by consistently prosecuting police officers that flagrantly violate the law. Because we already see that cops have no fear of the law and no fear of prison.

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How do you deal with people whose union will Beautiful lady looking love Greensboro them their job back with backpay and a promotion? This guy is a free man because he was investigated by parties with a strong interest in finding no wrongdoing and a DA that needs to kowtow to police and Text sex in Glendale never prosecute a police Faithful seeks faithful. Either you fix these issues or you decide that you want to live in a society wherein we can just decide who we can execute without a Text sex in Glendale.

Nope, a better suggestion would be to try them in federal court with prosecutors and judges they don't work with and lock them up for life. The police zex police themselves. It has been proven over and over again across this country. There is too much incentive to sweep everything under the rug.

There has to be a better structure where a completely independent entity investigates and prosecutes police misconduct. As long as internal affairs exists and the local DA controls prosecuting these cases, this kind of systematic corruption will continue.

The esx where he tased Wheatcroft while handcuffed gets me. You cannot use a Text sex in Glendale for compliance while the man is handcuffed.