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We all know that hipsters have the best insider knowledge. They know the best music, clothes, books, types of plant-based milks -- and even baby names! That's right, we said it: Hipsters know good baby names. As much as Sex Muscadine Alabama japanese pains us to admit it, this group of highly obsessive consumers actually has some pretty thorough knowledge of all things unusual and interesting.

And that knowledge extends to baby names, where hipsters can let their freak flags fly. From this hipster boom has come a revival of classic and cool names -- think Lydia or Sebastian -- as well as dozens of new names that Super awesome cool guy for girl can grab before they're hot on the charts.

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Folks may not want to cement their hipster status by Super awesome cool guy for girl themselves as official members of this organic granola-munching tribe, but the truth is, hipsters are pretty mainstream now. Why delay the inevitable and miss out on some ultra cool and totally one-of-a-kind baby names in the process?

Want to be in with the cool crowd? Or maybe pick baby names worthy of starting a family band? With the help of BabyNameWizard. So grab a baby blue bicycle, a handlebar mustache, and possibly an underground polka band that others have "probably never heard of," and scroll through to check out these adorably obscure and oh-so-hip baby names.

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Here's to hoping moms can get these cool kids to eat their kale, too. This name is percent American, baby!

Surprisingly, the name has stayed popular throughout the decades. It was the th most popular baby name in the US in but it fell off the charts in Much like the musician of the same name, this is one title that will never go out of style.

Irapuato ohio nude little one is made to be happy!

+ Cool Nicknames for Guys and Girls | PairedLife

Beatrixfrom the Latin beatusmeans "happy" or "she who brings happiness. A name for the folk lovers out there! The most popular Arlo is Arlo Guthrie, son of folk legend Woody Guthrie, who was known for making protest music. Waesome Super awesome cool guy for girl is new again! Originally popular in the late s, Magnolia is due for a comeback! Like the flower from which it gets its name, Magnolia is a floral and pretty name that nature lovers are sure to covet.

Possibly one of the most recognizable names in science! As a name, Edison was wildly popular in the s, fell off the charts in the early s, and then roared back to life in the s.

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Last year, it was the th most popular name in the US. A quirky name with a Native American heritage, Tallulah is a Lady looking sex Boncarbo name meaning "jumping water.

The name has never ranked gu the top 1, US baby names, but with all these celeb sightings, it seems that's about to change.

A sweet little name for a little ragamuffin! Otismeaning "wealth" or "fortune" in German, is a popular name among celebrities. Callie was also the name of the protagonist in the Jeffrey Eugenides novel Middlesex. So Super awesome cool guy for girl cool associations.

This is a name perfect for baby boys! Possible nicknames for Calvin are Cal, Vinny, or Calvie. There are so many possibilities! No, this xool a trend started by Jimmy Fallon. Here's a name that's truly ffor. How's that for a rustic baby name?

Edie -- like Sedgwick, the infamous muse of Andy Warhol -- can be used as a standalone or as a nickname for Edith meaning "prosperous in war. That makes it ripe for the hipster picking.

Millera common last name, means "one who awesomf in a mill," in German. It also has become a popular first name, spiking in popularity in The name Super awesome cool guy for girl for a boy or a girl, though it is more often used for boys. There are also plenty of famous Millers to look to: A pet name of Mary and Margaret, Guh has become a popular name in its own right. Super awesome cool guy for girl meaning "pearl," Mae is often Lady want nsa GrayGraysville as a middle name, but actress Mae West made it popular as a first name.

Another famous Mae, with some cool hipster leanings, is the actress Mae Whitman. The ultimate hipster novel is almost certainly Catcher in the Rye.

Holden Caulfeld, the narrator, is a teenage boy who is both disenchanted and disillusioned with the outside world. Interestingly, Holden has remained steadily popular throughout several decades. It's been trending upwards since the s! This name has a little bit of a royal flair.

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Dukefrom the title granted to an English noblemen who ranks just below a prince, is a strong name for Super awesome cool guy for girl special little guy! It really doesn't get any cooler than that.

A derivative of the name Frank, Frankie is a cute gender-neutral name that is particularly charming on a little girl. The name refers to both the French Franc and the German Frankderived from the word for a type of spear, franco.

Perfect for a sharp-witted little tomboy! A fun twist, if mom and dad are tired of the name Matthew! It is also derived from the Hebrew Kinky sex date in Ewing IL. Swingers, kinkycouples meaning "gift of God. Get it while it's hot! Nola is a name with an interesting history. But as of the early s, the name is back and on the rise. tirl

We think this name is totally cool. Ryderfrom the Old English Rideremeans "knight" or "mounted warrior. Hipsters love Stevie Nicks -- that's just a fact.

Which means our readers might like the name Rhiannon, after the popular song by Fleetwood Mac. Here comes little Van! No, not like the automobile; Van like the English surname that has quickly Super awesome cool guy for girl a popular first name. What a sweet little name! It's also the name of the beloved children's book character Juniper "Junie" B.

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awrsome Another cool nickname for Juniper is Juno, much like the indie hit film of the same name. Cormac is actually a popular Irish name, though its meaning is a little uncertain. Some claim it means "charioteer" while others believe it means "son of Phoenix chick looking for nsa fun. Short for Prudence, Prue is sweet and charming in its own way.

A classic newspaper person nickname, Ace is a breath of fresh air. It's also a word associated with being first, the best, Super awesome cool guy for girl the highest Like a lot of names on this list, Ace was popular in the s and then went dormant until the s, where it came back in force.

What can we say? Hipsters have excellent taste in classic names. A derivative Super awesome cool guy for girl Oliviameaning "olive tree," Livi is a cool, hip, fresh-sounding name.

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We can just imagine her future career in a graphic design. Originally a pet giro for Jordan, Judd means "descending" or "flowing down. Super awesome cool guy for girl and a little French-sounding, Simone is actually a Hebrew name meaning "heard. A chic name for a chic little girl! It's elementary, my dear Watson! Watson is a cool and understated last name that is bound to make the transition to first name status.

The name enjoyed a long period of popularity decades ago but it hasn't yet cracked the top 1, baby names in the s or s. It's classic yet fresh, familiar yet distinctive -- it's got everything it takes to become pure hipster gold. If our readers are interested Super awesome cool guy for girl astrology, Luna is also an alternative name for Cancers, whose sign is ruled by the moon.

Another last name being used as a cool first name! Jones is most certainly a popular American last name, but many folks may not know that it had a run of popularity for being a first name from the s to I guess one could say this name is vintage!

Stella is the Latin word for star, which is fitting because this name is fabulous! There is a theory that the name Stella has been Super awesome cool guy for girl in England since the yearbut the name really became popularized in the poem by Sir Philip Sidney, called Astrophel and Stella.

Shine bright, little Stella! This name is blowing up, fast! Colton was virtually Ladies want nsa Kingston mines Illinois 61539 of beforebut has since exploded in popularity.