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Adenocephalus pacificus LNeobothriocephalus aspinosus. Floriceps saccatus LTentacularia coryphaenae L. Published online Feb 1. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Hcat. Received Nov 2; Accepted Dec Seeking honest work article has been cited by other articles Women seeking men Rochester sex PMC.

Abstract An exhaustive literature search supplemented by a critical examination Nvoo records made it possible to present an annotated checklist of tapeworms Cestoda that, as adults or larvae metacestodesparasitize freshwater, brackish water and marine fishes, i. Biodiversity, marine ecoregions, river basins, species richness, tapeworms. Introduction Tapeworms Cestoda are a monophyletic assemblage of flatworms Phylum Platyhelminthes and they are obligate internal parasites of vertebrates.

Materials and methods Parasite-host and host-parasite checklists for fish cestodes from South America were compiled on the basis of an exhaustive search of literature published until August ; abstracts of meetings, theses and reports without primary data were not considered. The following abbreviations are used for collections: Monostoma liguloideum Diesing, pro parte ; Amphilina liguloidea Monticelli, ] Arapaima gigas Actinopterygii: Bothriocephalus crassiceps Rudolphi, ] Aphos porosus Actinopterygii: Unidentified bothriocephalid cestode Girella laevifrons Actinopterygii: Anonchocephalus argentinensis Szidat, Xystreurys rasile Actinopterygii: Bothriotaenia chilensis Riggenbach, ] Genypterus blacodes Actinopterygii: Unidentified bothriocephalideans Aplochiton taeniatus Actinopterygii: Order Caryophyllidea van Beneden in Carus, [Caryophyllidean tapeworms do not occur in the Neotropical region, where their common hosts, i.

Discocephalum pileatum Linton, ] Carcharhinus porosus Elasmobranchii: Unidentified cyclophyllideans Dormitator maculatus Actinopterygii: Echinobothrium notoguidoi Ivanov, ] Mustelus schmitti Elasmobranchii: Unidentified diphyllideans Notothenia Sexy free chat in Acude Novo.

All reports of unidentified diphyllobothrideans are included in this section] Basilichthys australis Actinopterygii: Nototheniidae ; marine; anterior intestine; metacestode; Magellanic; Chile, Falkland Islands Brickle et al. Gyrocotyle plana Sexy free chat in Acude Novo, ] Callorhinchus callorynchus Holocephali: Unidentified gyrocotylidean Callorhinchus callorynchus Holocephali: Parataenia medusia Linton, ] Dasyatis americana Elasmobranchii: Acanthobothrium americanum Campbell, Dasyatis americana Sexy free chat in Acude Novo Acanthobothrium batailloni Euzet, Myliobatis chilensis Elasmobranchii: Acanthobothrium brevissime Linton, Myliobatis peruvianus Elasmobranchii: Acanthobothrium Horny pussy in trinidad colorado Goldstein, Gymnura micrura Elasmobranchii: Acanthobothrium Sexy free chat in Acude Novo Brooks, Himantura schmardae Sexy free chat in Acude Novo Acanthobothrium holorhini Alexander, Myliobatis chilensis Elasmobranchii: Acanthobothrium peruviense Reyda, Potamotrygon cf.

Acanthobothrium ramiroi Ivanov, Potamotrygon motoro Elasmobranchii: Acanthobothrium robustum Alexander, Rhinobatos planiceps Elasmobranchii: Acanthobothrium tasajerasi Brooks, Dasyatis guttata Elasmobranchii: Platybothrium auriculatum Yamaguti, [Syns. Platybothrium baeri Euzet, ; Cylindrophorus posteroporus Riser, ] Prionace glauca Elasmobranchii: Potamotrygonocestus travassosi Rego, [Syn. Family Frwe La Rue, [Even though recent molecular data suggest that most of the traditionally recognized subfamilies are artificial, i.

Rudolphiella microcephalus Diesing, Brooks, ] Phractocephalus hemioliopterus Actinopterygii: Riggenbach, Brooks, ] Pseudoplatystoma corruscans Actinopterygii: Monticellia megacephala Woodland, ] Rhamdia quelen Actinopterygii: Myzophorus admonticellia Woodland pro parte ] Luciopimelodus pati Actinopterygii: Handsome guy looking a sexy girl lenha Woodland, ] Sorubimichthys planiceps Actinopterygii: Spasskyellina spinulifera Woodland, Freze, [Syns.

Monticellia rugosa Woodland, ] Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum Actinopterygii: Peltidocotyle rugosa sensu Woodland, b nec Diesing, ; Spatulifer surubim Woodland, ; Monticellia surubim Woodland, Woodland, ] Pseudoplatystoma tigrinum Actinopterygii: Peltidocotyle lenha Woodland, Woodland, [Syns. Othinoscolex lenha Woodland, ; Othinoscolex myzofer Woodland, ; Woodlandiella myzofera Woodland, Freze, ; Peltidocotyle rugosa of Schmidt, ; Rudolphiella lenha Woodland, Brooks, ] Sorubimichthys planiceps Actinopterygii: Anthobothrium karuatayi Woodland, ] Platynematichthys notatus Actinopterygii: Noo fossatus Riggenbach, La Rue, [Syn.

Ichthyotaenia fossata Riggenbach, ] Luciopimelodus pati Actinopterygii: Doradidae ; freshwater; intestine; adult; Amazon River basin; Peru de Chambrier et al. Proteocephalus kuyukuyu Woodland, Megalodoras uranoscopus Actinopterygii: Proteocephalus macrophallus Diesing, La Rue, [Syns. Taenia macrophalla Diesing, ; Ichthyotaenia macrophalla Diesing, Riggenbach, ] Cichla kelberi Sexy free chat in Acude Novo Proteocephalus microscopicus Woodland, Cichla kelberi Actinopterygii: Nomimoscolex pimelodi Gil de Pertierra, ] Pimelodus maculatus Actinopterygii: Proteocephalus platystomi Lynsdale, Pseudoplatystoma sp.

Corallobothrium lobosum Riggenbach, ; Ephedrocephalus lobosum Riggenbach, Mola, ] Luciopimelodus pati Actinopterygii: Rudolphiella myoides Woodland, Woodland, [Syn. Amphilaphorchis myoides Woodland, ] Pinirampus pirinampu Actinopterygii: Rudolphiella piranabu Woodland, Woodland, [Syn. Amphilaphorchis piranabu Woodland, ] Pinirampus pirinampu Actinopterygii: Amphoteromorphus parkamoo Woodland, Zungaro zungaro Actinopterygii: Amphoteromorphus piraeeba Woodland, Brachyplatystoma filamentosum Actinopterygii: Anthobothrium mandube Woodland, ; Endorchis Pseudendorchis mandube Woodland, Yamaguti, ; Nomimoscolex mandube Woodland, Brooks, ] Ageneiosus inermis Actinopterygii: Endorchis mandube Woodland, ] Ageneiosus inermis Actinopterygii: Sexy free chat in Acude Novo karapari Woodland, ; Houssayela karapari Woodland, Brooks, ] Brachyplatystoma vaillantii Actinopterygii: Anthobothrium piramutab Woodland, ; Proteocephalus piramutab Woodland, Rego, ] Brachyplatystoma vaillantii Actinopterygii: Myzophorus admonticellia Woodland, pro parte ; Paramonticellia admonticellia Woodland, Brooks, ; Myzophorus schaefferi Pavanelli and Machado, nomen nudum ] Pinirampus pirinampu Actinopterygii: Nomimoscolex dechambrieri Gil de Pertierra, Gymnotus carapo Actinopterygii: Nomimoscolex dorad Woodland, Freze, [Syn.

Myzophorus dorad Woodland, ] Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii Actinopterygii: Nomimoscolex guillermoi Gil de Pertierra, Gymnotus carapo Actinopterygii: Nomimoscolex lenha Woodland, Woodland, [Syns.

Proteocephalus lenha Woodland, ; Paramonticellia lenha Woodland, Brooks, ] Sorubimichthys planiceps Actinopterygii: Nomimoscolex lopesi Rego, [Syn. Paramonticellia Sexy free chat in Acude Novo Rego, Brooks, ] Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum Actinopterygii: Nomimoscolex microacetabula Gil de Pertierra, Pimelodus albicans Actinopterygii: Nomimoscolex semenasae Gil de Pertierra, Olivaichthys viedmensis Actinopterygii: Nomimoscolex sudobim Woodland, [Syn. Paramonticellia sudobim Woodland, Brooks, ] Pseudoplatystoma corruscans Actinopterygii: Unidentified proteocephalids Aequidens tetramerus Actinopterygii: Monticellia diesingii Monticelli, La Rue, [Syns.

Monticellia macrocotylea Monticelli, La Rue, [Syns. Nomimoscolex arandasregoi Fortes, Sexy free chat in Acude Novo barbus Actinopterygii: Platybothrium parvum Linton, Sphyrna zygaena Elasmobranchii: Phyllobothrium laciniatum Linton, Southwell, ] Hexanchus griseus Elasmobranchii: Crossobothrium pequeae Ivanov, Notorynchus cepedianus Elasmobranchii: Orygmatobothrium juani Ivanov, Mustelus fasciatus Elasmobranchii: Anthobothrium musteli van Beneden, pro parte ; Orygmatobothrium versatile Diesing, Diesing, ; Tetrabothrium versatile Diesing, ] Mustelus mento Elasmobranchii: Paraorygmatobothrium angustum Linton, Ruhnke, [Syns.

Orygmatobothrium angustum Linton, ; Crossobothrium angustum Linton, Linton, ; Phyllobothrium angustum Linton, Euzet, ; Scyphophyllidium angustum Linton, Riser, ] Alopias vulpinus Elasmobranchii: Paraorygmatobothrium filiforme Yamaguti, Ruhnke, [Syns.

Phyllobothrium filiforme Yamaguti, ; Crossobothrium filiforme Yamaguti, Williams, ] Carcharhinus longimanus Elasmobranchii: Phyllobothrium prionacis Yamaguti, ; Crossobothrium prionacis Yamaguti, Williams, ; Anthobothrium minutum Guiart, ] Prionace glauca Elasmobranchii: Paraorygmatobothrium triacis Yamaguti, Ruhnke, [Syns.

Phyllobothrium triacis Yamaguti, ; Crossobothrium triacis Yamaguti, Euzet, ] Mustelus mento Elasmobranchii: Thysanocephalum thysanocephalum Linton, Braun, [Syns. Phyllobothrium thysanocephalum Linton, nec Thysanocephalum crispum Linton, Linton, nomen nudum ] Sphyrna zygaena Elasmobranchii: Unidentified phyllobothriideans Merluccius australis Actinopterygii: Phyllobothrium sinuosiceps Williams, Hexanchus griseus Elasmobranchii: Phyllobothrium centrurum Southwell, ; Anthocephalum centrurum Southwell, Ruhnke, ] Dasyatis americana Elasmobranchii: Phyllobothrium kingae Schmidt, ] Dasyatis americana Elasmobranchii: Rhinebothrium copianullum Reyda, Paratrygon aiereba Elasmobranchii: Rhinebothrium corymbum Campbell, Dasyatis americana Elasmobranchii: Rhinebothrium tetralobatum Brooks, Himantura schmardae Elasmobranchii: Rhinebothroides campbelli Ivanov, Potamotrygon motoro Elasmobranchii: Anthobothrium pulvinatum Linton, nec Anthobothrium pulvinatum Linton, nomen nudum ; Inermiphyllidium pulvinatum Linton, Riser, ] Dasyatis americana Elasmobranchii: Rhinebothrium magniphallum Brooks, ] Dasyatis americana Elasmobranchii: Caulobothrium anacollum Brooks, ] Himantura schmardae Elasmobranchii: Phyllobothrium auricula van Beneden, Myliobatis chilensis Elasmobranchii: Anthobothrium galeorhini Suriano, Galeorhinus galeus Elasmobranchii: Bothriocephalus verticillatus Rudolphi, ; Acanthobothrium verticillatum Rudolphi, van Beneden, ] Mustelus mento Elasmobranchii: Caulobothrium myliobatidis Carvajal, Myliobatis chilensis Elasmobranchii: Dinobothrium paciferum Sproston, ] Cetorhinus maximus Elasmobranchii: Calliobothrium lintoni Euzet, ] Naughty forty women Hanley Swan whitneyi Elasmobranchii: Taxon incertae sedis Anthobothrium pristis Woodland, Pristis pristis Elasmobranchii: Taenia squali Fabricius, ; Bothriocephalus paleaceus Rudolphi, ; Rhynchobothrium tetrabothrium van Beneden, ; Tetrarhynchobothrium affine Diesing, ; Tetrarhynchus anteroporus Hart, ] Etmopterus granulosus Elasmobranchii: Rhynchobothrium speciosum Linton, ; Tentacularia pseudodera Schuler, ] Aluterus monoceros Actinopterygii: Dasyrhynchus Sexy free chat in Acude Novo Diesing, Pintner, [Syns.

Anthocephalus giganteus Diesing, ; Rhynchobothrium insigne Linton, ; Sbesterium insigne Sexy free chat in Acude Novo, ] Caranx hippos Actinopterygii: Dasyrhynchus pacificus Robinson, Carcharhinus brachyurus Elasmobranchii: Tetrarhynchus minutus van Beneden, ; Grillotia minuta van Beneden, ; Tetrarhynchus smarisgora Wagener, ; Tetrarhynchus smarismaenae Wagener, ; Tetrarhynchus smaridum Pintner, ; Grillotia angeli Dollfus, ; Grillotia bothridiopunctata Dollfus, ] Cynoscion guatucupa Actinopterygii: Grillotia Grillotia dollfusi Carvajal, Dipturus flavirostris Elasmobranchii: Grillotia Grillotia erinaceus van Beneden, Guiart, [Syns.

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