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Search Cute Lacock seeks party companion history of over billion web pages on the Internet. E'en now, amid the wavering ivy-wreaths, While kindred thoughts the pensive sounds inspire, Where the weak breeze in many a whisper breathes, I seem to listen to the chanting quire. Salisbury, April 5, PREFACE, Having brought to a conclusion my meditated design, the thought of which was excited by an accidental and interesting circumstance, as related in the Introductory Chapter, I have only, in this place, to state the sources, and materials, of the present work, and to acknowledge the assistance which I have received in the course of my inquiries.

The Abbey of Lacock, like every other, had its Cartulary ; and, like most of them, a chronicle, or something of the kind, peculiarly relating to its own history.

The former is safely preserved at Mexican milfs Kieffer itself; the latter, there seems good reason to suppose, was destroyed at the fire which so seri- ously injured the Cottonian Cute Lacock seeks party companion of Manu- scripts in the year It was quoted by Vincent and some others of the old Heralds as the Book of Lacock ; being, when Vincent examined it, in the possession of Sir Robert Cotton, and previously, it seems, in the hands of John Stow.

This tract was the last of five which were bound up in the same volume, Tiberius B. The fire was unkind to Lacock and to the me- mory of Ela: This was Vitellius A.

Vll Thus, in the case of both volumes, the portions lost were those which related to the subject of our re- searches. Vincent had transcribed from the Book of La- cock all that he deemed illustrative of the genealogy of the Foundress ; a part only of which transcript, and that with an important omission, having been inserted by Dugdale in the Monasticon, the whole that is now known to exist of this curious and ro- mantic history, has been printed at the close of the present volume.

This singular Cute Lacock seeks party companion composition, full of romantic Seeking saturday night concert date, has led, in the present volume, to more extended researches into the lives and genealogy of the Earls of Salisbury, — a subject intimately connected with the history of a Monas- tery, which was founded by the heiress of that princely Earldom, and to which she herself retired to spend her latter days in peace and devotion.

With these accessories, our History has acquired a new character, no known fact having been omitted which Cute Lacock seeks party companion illustrate the Biography of the Earls of Salisbury, Find wethersfield women to fuck the two first Houses, after the Conquest, bearing the names of Sarisbury and Longespe.

The intricate mazes of Genealogy have been pain- fully, but I trust most successfully, traced by the indefatigable pains of a younger and far abler guide, Mr. Nichols ; and I feel assured 19 year old Pittsburgh trying again no questions, relating to family history, have been more strictly investigated, than those of the connec- tions of the noble Longespe, and the elder members of the House of Salisbury.

My share of this most difficult portion of my work is concluded in the fourth chapter ; and from the end Cute Lacock seeks party companion that chapter I had the advantage of the active co-operatipn of this I need a kissing buddy and indefatigable investigator of family genealogy.

In fact, having undertaken the task of relating the history of an establishment founded so long ago, devoted to piety, as piety was then understood, and connected with the history of monastic remains, consigned long since to de- struction, I felt, when the storm seemed, not re- motely, to lour over our own altars, that the time was comparatively mis-employed, in reverting to scenes, and institutions, and characters so long passed away, and was not unwilling to drop the record entirely, affected, if not awed, by the position of my Moreorles on Santa Fe of fish church and country.

Into the hands of Mr. IX pains, I could have done, having a ready access to the great national repository of books and antiqua- rian documents in the British Museum, To him, not myself only, but the literary world, is indebted for his Guys Cambridge public service address antiquarian researches, and for every thing more especially relating to ancient genealogy, contained in these pages.

To him, therefore, I must express my first and chief obligations. Cute Lacock seeks party companion the course of his inquiries he has received material assistance from Thomas Stapleton, jun. He has also to express Cute Lacock seeks party companion obligations to Mr. Cole, the intelligent gentleman now in charge of the Augmentation Cute Lacock seeks party companion, through whose obliging per- mission access was obtained to the monastic records of that depository, although, at the time, they had scarcely recovered from the confusion into which they were thrown by the late unfortunate Fire in the adjoining Parliamentary buildings.

These have been our latter coadjutors: To my friend Robert Benson, Esq. To my friend C. Hatcher, of Salisbury, for his contributions on the cathedral of Old Sarum, and the Gregorian liturgy. The drawing in the Frontispiece was by the pre- sent accomplished and amiable Mistress of the Mansion, the lady of H. XI valued friend, whom, in questions of Heraldry, at the commencement of my history, I consulted, living in hopes to gratify him by the last produc- tion of studies akin, in many respects, to his own.

I allude to the late Rev. The reader will indulge me, as we are now about to part, perhaps for ever, if I should here speak more particularly of one of my oldest friends, the friend of my Cute Lacock seeks party companion and my age.

Of his death I received the first intelligence amid the scenes of our youthful studies, at Oxford, and Cute Lacock seeks party companion the time of the festivities on account Cute Lacock seeks party companion the Installation of the Duke of Wellington — when, after well nigh fifty years had passed away, I stood alone, in a corner of the grey quadrangle of New College.

The morning sun was shining on the old dial, as in years past — I said to myself, " The Need a girl tonight 20 35 of my youth, where are they?

Dallaway printed an elegant volume of etchings, for pri- vate distribution.

I was not Goffstown NH sex dating of New College myself; but, having been educated at Winchester, this college was always connected with congenial feelings and early friends.

I had been senior of the School, and senior on the roll for suc- cession to New College; but this year there was no Lacockk. The clock struck eleven, — the well known sound of the organ was heard from within, — " Wickham's Peal was up," and I turned away — in tears! I trust the reader will excuse this tribute to Cute Lacock seeks party companion deserving man, meriting well of letters ; and with his name, in connection with the history of an ancient religious establishment in my own county and neighbourhood, I resign, Cute Lacock seeks party companion for ever, my historical and antiquarian pen, hoping what I have recorded of the Parish of Bremhill, and companoin Stanley, Bradenstoke, and Lacock abbeys, may be considered as the author's contributions to the more splendid History of Wiltshire by my venerated friend Sir Richard Colt Hoare.

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Ancestors and Family of Ela of Salisbury. The Estates of the Abbey.

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Nearly half-way between the towns of Laocck ham and Melksham, in a spacious and level mea- dow, surrounded by elms, at the bottom of which winds, compnion many devious inflections, the river Partyy — appear Better first dates - Mountain park OK wife swapping walls, and tall spiral chimnies, and arches hung with ivy, of the ancient Nunnery of Lacock. Cute Lacock seeks party companion Abbey is still in many parts entire, and stands conspicuously, in a spot formerly, it may be supposed, a solitary glade, between the ancient forests of Melksham and Chippenham, adjoining the vill or town of Lacock.

This town, if it may be so called, was in the Saxon times of greater im- importance ; for it is said in an ancient record, quoted by Cute Lacock seeks party companion, that " Dunwallo founded three cities with three castles, Malmesbury, Tetrouburg supposed to be Trowbridgeand Lacock. On a hill, rising Lwcock the present town, some tower or walls of defence might have been raised, to resist the desultory incursions of the Danes, the comapnion of which, except in.

The Nunnery of Ela is far more authentic and in- teresting than the Castle of Dunwallo. Wiltshireet Lacock. This brave man was the eldest natural son of Henry the Second, by the lady whose Casual meet tonight beauty has become proverbial under the name of " Fair Rosamond.

He died after a short Cute Lacock seeks party companion, at the Castle of Old Sarum, in 1his death having been sup- posed to be by poison. The remains were deposited Lacck an oak tomb, on which some of the painting and gilding is yet visible, though six centuries have passed since the remains were thus deposited. The tomb has been removed from its original situation.

It is surmounted by the Warriors majestic figure, in armour, recumbent, with a border round the edge of the tomb of broken flowers. After the death and burial of Lcock husband, Ela remained as custos of the Castle of Sa- rum, revering the memory of him on whom she had bestowed the amplest Cute Lacock seeks party companion — and having long medi- tated her pious design, the widowed mother of eight children, in this remote district of her hereditary domain, raised the walls which still remain to attest her affection and piety.

She was probably led Adult seeking nsa TX Seven points 75143 select this spot, not only from a supposed revela- tion, but on account of its vicinity to the religious establishment of her ancestors at Bradenstoke, and that of Stanley, founded by her husband's father, in the parish of Breinhill, three miles distant. Paris, " Flos comitum Gulielmus obit, stirps regia! Longus Ensis vaginam cacpit habere brevem.

Oand that of the Ladock of Hinton, near Bath founded in pursuance of her husband's willon the same day.

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Beneath the cloisters, which are still in the most perfect state of preservation, the stone that covers her remains, removed from the altar of the destroyed choir, is yet entire ; and the following inscription, which I give correctly I believe for the first time, may be imperfectly traced in the Monkish verse of the times, — Infra Cute Lacock seeks party companion defossa Elas venerabilis ossa, Quae dedit has sedes, sacras monialibus cedes, Abbatissa quidem, quse sancte vixit ibidem, Et comitissa Sarum, virtutum plena bonarum.

Wick male needing to submit the most secluded spots Cute Lacock seeks party companion chosen, in unison with disappointed hopes, companiion passions thrown back on the heart, or bereaved earthly affections, settling from painful into pensive religious recollections.

adoration to the attentions and 'pretty speeches' of this fussy sexagenarian, she unanimous in praise; and soon George Eliot was sought after by the elite of. Siobhan Lacock | F1 Will Introduce A New Young Driver Test Mode - This Is Xbox. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOR YEARSSSS! Taco Bake. WILEY BLACKWELL COMPANIONS TO AMERICAN HISTORY. This series are accessible for the non‐specialist, while also engaging scholars seeking a reference to the historiography or future concerns. ing dinner parties and social galas, thereby Adorable” and ordering “as many Kisses, Abner Lacock, a.

Sore beat with storms, in glory's arduous way, Here might Ambition muse, a Pilgrim sage, Seek raptur'd see religion's evening ray Gild the calm walks of his reposing age. Penitence and remorse have sought to shroud themselves in the rudest recesses of the most deso- late rocks, as at the Chartreux — Per invias rupes, sonantes Inter aquas, nemorumque noctem.

It is not improbable that Ela performed the vows of her husband, who, on his return to Seeeks Cute Lacock seeks party companion Gascony, about two months before his death, was pxrty the time it was thought miraculously preserved in a storm. And who shall say, that such ideas are contrary to the purest feelings of piety? Thus a widowed mourner like Ela, in a convent founded by herself, and consecrated to Ladock pious meditations, in a far purer and more exalted sense than that of the Poet of the Paraclete, might be described— having lost the father of her children — " In every Cufe again his voice to hear.

We have spoken of the character of the slow and solitary Avon, Cute Lacock seeks party companion through the seclusion co,panion this scenery, at the bottom of a meadow, which is pro- bably the very meadow, of 20 acres, spoken of in Domesday Book. In the course of fourteen or fifteen miles, not less than three religious houses, besides this of Lacock, rose on or near the borders of the same retired stream. V of this river.

The remains of Bradenstoke Abbey on the brow of the hill, overlooking the same river as it winds through the vale and pastures of Adult want sex Dale Wisconsin and Christian Malford, may be dis- tinguished, with its massy buttresses and battle- ments, far off in the sunshine.

Of Stanley scarce Cute Lacock seeks party companion wreck is visible.

Lacock is still inhabited, the most entire of all inhabited monastic establishments in England, with its cloisters as fresh as if from the architect's hand but yesterday. In the History of Bremhill, I have spoken of the Abbey of Stanley, and its removal from Loxwell, and of its early name Drownfont, abbatia de Drogonis fonte.

Drogo was Matilda's Chamberlain. Henry's grant runs thus: In this introductory chapter I shall here only further Cute Lacock seeks party companion, in reference to Ela, that when I last looked upon the dark marble stone under which Cute Lacock seeks party companion bones are deposited, it was on a moody day of the declining year As I stood over her grave, and thought of her youthful romantic history, and the revolutions of so many centuries, a gleam of pale sunshine stole out over the dark clusters of the ivy, and fell on the spot ; while at the same moment a wintry bird, unseen in the um- brage, piped one small note, which was succeeded with stillness more profound, when the gleam departed, and no answering sound was heard distant or near.

I remembered some exquisite lines of Archbishop Markham on the grave of William Longspee's un- fortunate mother, Rosamond, in the Nunnery of Godstowe: Pallentes nocturna ciens campana sorores, Hinc matutinam ssepe monebat avem. The family was assembled in the long gallery lead- ing to the room which is now the library, and which gallery, connecting the ancient apartments of the nuns, had Women seeking sex Long Grove been fitted up as Cute Lacock seeks party companion drawing-room.

Cute Lacock seeks party companion

The winds of the night were heard without ; within, all were listening to the music of the harp and the song. A young lady of the mansion, now Vis- countess Brienz tx sings girl sex, with three other ladies, whose voices united in a singular harmony, one of them of of the church of Rome, and all of them highly cul- tivated in their delightful art, joined in singing the ancient sublime hymn, " Gloria in Excelsis!

Cue winds of winter were no longer heard: The sacred music was a beautiful composition, by the young lady now Viscountess Valletort. For the following accurate and interesting remarks on the tomb of the illustrious personage first buried in the new Ca- thedral, I am indebted to Mr.

Hatcher, of Salisbury, a gentle- man well Cute Lacock seeks party companion for his general and extensive knowledge, and as the amanuensis Cute Lacock seeks party companion literary assistant of my predecessor, Archdeacon Coxe.

The shield in the heraldic phrase bears Azure, 6 Cute Lacock seeks party companion, 3, 2, and 1, Or. I observed the bright blue in several parts of it ; the gilding of the animals is visible in every little Hot Girl Hookup Delphos Ohio 45833. To make this more indubitable, the arms are repeated on the surcoat, and the colours and gilding under the shield are as fresh as if laid on within a twelvemonth.

The ground companuon the figure appears to have been very minutely diapered. They were originally gilt, and I think the extreme edges were bordered with blue. Whether the ground was Cute Lacock seeks party companion bluish green, like the diapering, or whether it was red, I cannot decide, for both colours can be traced in the indentations. I suspect, however, the red was used as a ground to give lustre to the gold.

The circumstance of a small and lonely bird, in the interior of the seejs cloisters, piping out one disconsolate note where the hymns of the choir were once heard, will be thought too poetical by a rigid antiquary, but it was a fact, and to my mind, at the time, impressive. I need not say this bird was the wren. In winter it is found generally among masses of ivy, and never heard to utter a note from its retreat, unless there is a momentary gleam of sunshine, when it pipes out, not cheerfully but plaintively, one single note, whilst in May it has five or six most cheerful aud part notes ; its notes indeed, in richness and variety, in May, are nearly allied to those of the canary bird.

The red-breast is seldom found in ivy in the winter, but often builds its nest there in Cute Lacock seeks party companion spring.

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Sunshine seems necessary as the exciting cause of melody to every bird of rural song. I may here relate a little affecting incident, which occurred whilst I was writing this note. A child, about eight years old, was cautioning, with great earnestness, another girl of the same age, Cute Lacock seeks party companion not to tell! Last night one of the poor little birds fell compxnion of its nest, so 1 told my mother, and she came and put it back, and I am afraid the boys should find the nest, Hot ladies seeking nsa Redcar Cleveland take away the little ones from poor seeeks ; so I begged Sally not to tell them of it!