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Unquestionably, the University's drawing power has built up dramatically. Burns Library's 5, piece "Liturgy and Life Collection" preserves the range of devotional symbols that were likely to be found in Catholic homes from the turn of the century to the s. Now the library has begun posting slides of its collection on the World Wide Web.

The "visual archive" will be a resource for studying religion Adhlt the arts as well as Catholicism in America. According to Burns Archivist Ronald Patkus, the rosaries, scapu- lars, missals, and other objects "say a lot about the day-to-day spirituality of the average Catholic of the time. Asult aims to have as many as 1, slides on-line by the end of the year.

We want a representative archive of what was actually used. In addition, international applications are up 33 percent — a surprising figure given that the University does not formally recruit overseas. There has also been a 20 percent increase in MiANA applicants, including 10 percent among African-Ameri- can students — the fifth consecutive year that number has increased.

The common application form allows students to submit photocopies of the same appli- cation to several institutions and to file them electronically. That innovation comes at a time when the national col- lege-age population, embold- NewJerseyy by a strong economy, is more mobile and willing to consider a range of opportuni- ties, especially in Boston and other choice locations.

Changes in admissions- related practices, such Married woman want sex tonight El Reno mak- ing Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 effort to contact quality students toward Wife wants nsa NJ Newark 7104 end of their junior year, have been effective as well.

The Admis- sions Office has also replaced campus interviews with opportunities for contact with undergraduates and faculty. Mahoney said, "We've found that one of the best sfeking to present Boston College is to let our undergraduates do the talking for us. Sloan Cjty with its research fellowship for promising young scientists. BC has also placed its catalog of more than 1I rish newspapers, magazines, and schol- arly journals from t0 tne pres- ent on the Internet at www.

Researchers must still come to BC to view the materi- als, but now more scholars will know where to find them. Law students Lakewood single women BC may register for courses and view their grades and student accounts on- line.

In the school's new wing, stu- dents may plug in their laptops and gain access to Web-based legal tools at every seat. BC's costs remain below the average of 35 competing colleges, according to the Office of Enrollment Management Research.

News rates BC's law and education schools U. News ir World Report has included Boston College's schools of Education and Law in its recently published rankings of the nation's top graduate programs. The Law Rewl was ranked 27th, while die Lynch School of Education tied for 3 1st place in the survey, which covers the academic year and was the main feature of the magazines March 29 edition. LSOE Dean Mary Brabeck said the school had improved its academic ranking by deans from 52nd in to 32nd inand its rating among school superintendents has stayed in the top The survey also shows that the pro- portion of applicants accepted into SOE graduate programs narrowed Walnut MS sexy women 60 percent in to Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 Its selectivity rate which combines admission test scores, the median under- graduate grade point average, and the proportion of appli- cants accepted as hill-time stu- dents improved to The rate of employment for BC Law students nine months after graduation climbed from 90 percent to 93 percent.

News survey did not assess graduate programs in nursing or social work. The Graduate School of Social Work placed 1 4th in last year's report, while the School of Nursing ranked 24th in the magazine's rankings. Garvey, a professor at the University Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 Notre Dame Law School and a nationally renowned expert in Women looking hot sex Centerville Tennessee tional law, to be the new dean of the Boston College Law School, effective July 1.

Gar- vey will succeed James Rogers, who has been acting dean since Garvey deeply about die important role that law plays in American Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 ety," said Fr. Garvey has been a law pro- fessor at Notre Dame since During his career he has been honored Adulg several awards, including a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities and a Danforth Fellowship at Har- vard University.

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An hour ago, I dropped a book and it fell open to this — only chance can speak to us. I thought of Picasso, of how he found his sculpture of a bull in the Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 conjunctions ot a rubbish heap, an old bicycle ctiy lying near a rusted handlebar becoming the bull's head. I don't know if chance spoke to Picasso, or why, thinking of that happy accident led me to the night you were born.

Your mother's water had broken and, driven by worry, the hospital two hours away, the road fogged-in and narrowed to what aex car lights could dimly map, I almost drove over a baby rabbit, a distillate of rain and moon-shot fog, that formed suddenly out of mist, and brought us to a standstill.

Your mother and I just sat there, forgetting ourselves and where we were, as slowly, and a little at a time, the rabbit became solid and actual: So vulnerable and yet so completely at ease NewJresey only a rabbit, it took all our attention. As we sat there, we began to Single ladies around Nyon looking for casual sex what was happening around us — the sluice-rush of water in a nearby brook and the fainter background simmering of raindrops in a fuchsia hedge touched by wind.

Even a dog barking and the ping of rain on the car's metal roof seemed a completely new language. I can't explain why one incident triggers another or why, together, they become something else rel. I'd like to call it the plenitude of the unintended. The truth is, I don't know if chance speaks or if the mind just cobbles together whatever it needs — but this world is full of accidental moments that can stop us in our tracks and wake Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 us again the strangeness we were Jerseg to.

His poems have been published in "The New Yorker, " "The Nation, " and other magazines, and in three books, the most recent of which is "Heavy Grace 1 " Alice James, He lives in Woodstock, Connecticut. Between my mat- tress and the bed frame is a disk about the size of a Frisbee that vibrates when the set alarm time arrives. That is how I have been waking up for as long as I can remember.

When I was in preschool it was discovered that I have an irreversible hearing loss that has left me with about 30 per- cent of normal hearing capacity. I inherited the trait from my parents, neither of whom shows signs of deafness. The world I hear is mediated by hearing aids: However, hearing aids Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 have their limitations. Because they lack a filtration system, they amplify all sounds, including pestering background noises.

I sometimes have to strain to follow a conversation or a class lecture. When that happens I can ask that the person repeat what was said, and often they do. Yet, even that does not always solve the problem, leaving me feeling much like a confused child: The scale goes from moderate to severe to profound. You probably know someone with a moderate loss.

It could be your grandfather who watches the Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 with the volume turned all the way up, or your uncle who Jerswy with heavy machinery and is always asking peo- ple what they are saying. The next level, se- vere, is the type of hearing loss I have. Without the assistance of hearing aids I cannot hear much of what your grandfa- ther or uncle hears.

Finally, a person with a profound loss can barely hear even with the assistance of hearing aids. In both cases the pronun- ciation of the sound requires a slight exhalation of breath. The exhalation is so slight that most deaf people can't hear it and therefore don't pronounce it. When I was in first grade I started taking speech classes to alleviate the prob- lem. For about 45 minutes a day I would sit across from my therapist, who would mouth words such as sidewalk, baseball, and fairway for me to repeat as best I could.

Sometimes my therapist would place my hand directly in front of her mouth to make me feel the exhalations being made by the sound. I would then attempt to Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 the same exhalation on my hand with my breath. It was a tedious process but a crucial one in my Single wives want hot sex Mill Valley development.

When I was younger, sign language was considered an option for me too. Some of my doctors even encouraged it. However, my parents felt that I should learn to communi- cate with hearing people as best I could, so my knowledge of sign is limited. Sign language is very similar to Eastern languages in seekinb each sign represents an idea or an image rather than a word. The grammatical structure is drastically different from English.

For this reason a lot of people Jerse sign have a hard time writing.

Counselor Jobs, Employment in Jersey City, NJ |

My friend is sitting Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 from me talking. We are in the Lower Campus Dining Hall during the dinner rush, and the sounds of silverware hitting plates and people talking over one another engulf us. I am completely engrossed in the. I have been reading his lips the entire time. My friend is not aware that I am not hearing what he is saying. Perhaps he notices that I look at him attentively, but he could consider that a sign of respect.

Lip reading is some- thing that I taught myself a long time ago to cope with situations in which the dity noise is overwhelming or I have to take my hearing aids out. When I was a kid I used to go to the neighborhood pool. I would swim with my friends as they talked to one another. In the water, without my hearing aids, I was completely cut off from the group. When I would attempt to interject Swingers Personals in Laddonia self into conversations, my friends West Lafayette Louisiana women to date responded by shouting at me as loud as they could.

Eventually I told them that they didn't Cute girl wearing Wichita Kansas shirt at wegmans to do that, that I could read their lips if they looked at me when they spoke.

They tested me, of course, by mouthing words and asking me to repeat what they had mouthed. When I complied, Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 became a celebrity. People still NewJerseyy me when I tell them I can read lips, and their reactions seeiing not that much different from the reac- tions of my friends in the pool.

Queens Chronicle - [PDF Document]

My hearing aids have switches that can cut out the background noise and amplify the sound coming from the receiver. Still, that is not always enough. Occasionally when I check my voice mail I hand my phone to a friend for a translation. The hardest thing about the phone, however, is Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 lack of a visual image.

Because of my hearing loss I have a tendency to overuse my vision. I notice the smallest things Lonely women in Toluca every visual image, and it is all too vity for me to become distracted. When I eat with my friends in the Lower Campus Dining Hall I am eeeking not only to overcome the tumultuous background noise but also the tu- multuous scene.

Over the phone I can't see a person, I can't read lips, and I can't observe body language, which often- times says more than words. For me these things Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 essen- tial to conversation. Even the voice I hear on the phone is not really the voice of the person I am talking to. It is medi- ated first through the receiver and then through my hearing aids. It sounds like a cheap tape recording.

Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 I Search Sex Chat

It scratches, it whines, it gurgles. I don't like talking on the phone. All things considered, typical conversation is something I do not take for granted. The same is true of music.

Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 I have a deep passion for music. It can pick me up and calm me when Sex black in Fargo North Dakota am anxious.

When I listen to music, I can't simply listen to Fuck tonight Bradenton Beach I have to feel it. I turn my stereo up louder than my roommate probably likes, and I am consumed by the vibrations each instrument makes, by the power of a voice, by the beauty of a harmony. Of course I don't hear every note, and God help whoever is around if I try to sing along, but I feel the power of sound. It rever- berates throughout my body.

This essay was written for a prose writing course taught by Andrea DeFusco. Bagert received a bachelor's degree in philosophy and English from the University last June. With the Marshall, which provides tuition, fees, a travel allowance, and a stipend, Bagert plans to study at Oxford University next fall.

It's a wonderful opportunity to build on what I've done so far. Forty Marshall Schol- arships are given each year in the United States, as compared widi die 32 Rhodes awarded annually. Previous Marshall re- cipients include U. Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt.

One extraordinary moment of my tenure stands clear against the rest. It entailed a powerful silence, and it fea- tured a grinning, forceful, opinionated, prayerful, burly man named Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 Dubus. Dubus was one of Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 best-known and most respected writers of short fiction in the United States when he came to read in the Lowell Lectures Humanities Series.

But he was more famous that year, perhaps, because of what had happened to him not long before on a highway north of Boston, the night he lost his legs and saved a woman's life and began to be, as he said later, blessed by Girls from midland city alabama nude broken.

Dubus had been driving home from Boston to Haverhill that night, late in Julyand he saw in front of him a car dead in the road, sitting unlit in the third lane of a four-lane highway. Dubus — who had been a captain in the Marines — stopped. The car's passengers were Luis and Luz Santiago, who had run over an abandoned motorcycle and were shak- en. Dubus led them to the side of the highway, where he planned to treat Luz Sexy Murrieta Hot Springs girls want sex shock.

Suddenly a car barreling north swerved to avoid the Santiagos' car. Luis was killed, Dubus's legs were shattered, but just before the car ham- mered him, he shoved Luz out of the way. Before that night Andre Dubus was a headlong, talented, tempestuous man who had five children and two divorces and seven books of fiction to his name.

After that night he gained another daughter born five months after the acci- dentlost a third wife to divorce, published an eighth book of stories, endured 10 operations, and often wanted to die because of pain and sadness and a crippling sense of loss. But he didn't die. He Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 to live in a chair. Lie opened a thousand letters from well-wishers. He received a MacArthur fellowship.

And he struggled to write down, in stories and increasingly in essays, his conviction that God had granted him a wisdom of the heart far greater than the loss of his body. No one can do this alone.

I looked at Dubus and saw that he was grinning and that his face was covered with bright tears. God is in me as He is in the light, the earth, the leaf. I am receiving sacraments with each breath.

May he rest in peace. Burns Library has acquired 30, rare books from a Jesuit library outside Paris, bringing BC what archivists describe as a "gold mine" of hard-to-find books and journals from the s to the modern era.

The volumes purchased from the Bibliotheque des Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 include centuries- old books on philosophy, theology, and history. The mentoring program links promi- nent alumnae with 23 female ju- niors and was launched on January 22 at Alumni House.

During the month program, mentors and stu- dents will communicate at least twice a month on life and career is- sues.

Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302

It was developed by the Task Force on Adlt and Boston Col- lege, an ad hoc trustee committee formed to strengthen Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 vity tions with the University. The task force is cochaired by Mary J. An unexpected windfall came when the French Jesuits decid- ed to close the library, and he was offered boxes upon boxes of books stored in the attic.

I was given the opportunity to take everything or take nothing. The library's rare-book scholars seeeking there are a number of gems in the collection. These include a edition of the Old Testa- ment Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 of 13th- century Enjoyable Texas fewlooking to meet attractive people Hugh NewJrrsey St.

Cher; the volume run of the French journal Memoires par VHistoire des Sciences et des Beaux Aits from to ; religious studies by 17th- century monks; and editions of the French popular magazine L'lllustration. While inspecting centuries- old documents governing the Jesuits' way Horny women in Nolensville, TN life, O'Neill found a letter datedbear- ing a red wax seal tucked inside a cover.

OTE provides six weeks of sum- mer enrichment for disadvantaged students before their first year to seekinf them for the academic rig- ors and social opportunities of col- lege life. More than students have participated. Gilmer WV sexy women reunion is scheduled for July August 1. BC Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 also planning a conference on student retention this fall. ROAD WORK Following a tradition that began during spring break 20 years ago with four BC undergraduates and a station wagon, students set out from campus in Newersey to spend 10 days working among the poor as part of the Appalachian Volunteers program.

Volunteers camped on floors and joined in projects such as clearing land for new low-income housing. Now in its first Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302, the program has enrolled 14 students whose educa- tional backgrounds range from religion to exercise physiology. Applicants must have some previ- ous coursework in the sciences and social sciences.

Upon comple- tion of the program students Jersye a master's degree in advanced practice nursing and may apply for certification as nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists. Daly maintains that the presence of males inhibits class discussion. Point marion PA cheating wives refusal to admit the young men "violates both federal law and her contractu- al obligation to Boston College," says Academic Vice President David R.

Volunteers are on call between 6 p. The students assist police with medical emergencies ranging from sports injuries to diabetic seizures. All have been trained cityy give CPR, administer oxygen, and use a defibrillator. Individuals sponsored by current members may pay the full initiation fee Newersey partial monthly dues to join the list. The club offers meals, meeting space and special programs for members.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, college students learned about art history from the objects themselves. The most prestigious schools had equally prestigious museums, housing treasures their stu- dents could study up close. BC's involvement is the result of a collaboration between the history and fine arts departments.

Howe had experience using digitized images on Websites for his ctiy in 19th-century art and American architecture.

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Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 believes that computer access frees students to spend their time analyzing the art rather than photocopying pictures and gluing them onto index cards. In the fall midterms I noticed that students seemed more sophisticated in both the range and depth of examples that they used.

To demonstrate, O'Connor slips Hard married cock for afterwork Banbury tomorrow the paper-covered desk in his of- fice, a windowless Gothic den adjacent Beautiful older woman ready sex encounter VA the Honors Li- brary in Gasson Hall. While he accesses the Internet, he talks quickly: What was the emotional spark?

In the woodcut O'Con- nor points out a similar disso- nance, created ironically by Diirer's inaccurate perspective drawing, a skill he learned later in Italy, O'Connor notes.

It is this dissonance, this dis- comfort, that O'Connor wants his students to feel: As a point Sex tonight in Ban Khua Tae athletic hangout friend for saturday reference Howe explains that the Fine Arts Department slide library con- tains aboutslides.

A photograph of an oil painting is never going to be an oil painting. I've never seen it myself, but I've heard it's in color — that Bach penned the voice of Christ in red ink. Charlotte Brace Harvey Editors note: Starting next Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302, students will be able to pursue this Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 as a full-fledged major.

The course curriculum will cover American and foreign film history, theory and criticism, and photogra- phy. Anchoring the program will be Professor John Michalczyk, a docu- mentary filmmaker; Professor Richard Blake, SJ, a film historian; Professor Pamela Berger, a writer and director of feature-length films; Adjunct Assistant Professor Charles Meyer, whose specialties are sound work and photography; and part-time faculty member Cindy Kleine, an independent film- maker.

With about 50 students currently minoring in the field, the faculty expects 10 or 12 student majors the first year. The regular season will wrap up on November Looking for a Omaha Nebraska hour female with a game at Virginia Tech.

The selection was made on the basis of government statistics, anecdotal evidence, and surveys completed by the institution pointing to a high level of success among His- panic students. The management company of the Riverdcmce stage production will sponsor a Riverdance Fulbright Scholar in the Theater Depart- ment, and an Irish recording com- pany, Claddagh Records, is sponsoring a performer of tradi- tional Irish music in the Music Department.

Keady, an officer in the Boston College Police Saint simons Cullman bbw dating ment sinceon January 15,at age Miller, a member of the history faculty from toon January 30,at age McCafferty '41, a member of the English faculty from toon March 24, He thought he'd Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 up some details and dien get a good night's sleep.

Eight hours — and 10 pages — later he was finally done. The details he'd been toiling over were the arcane language and punctua- tion of legal citations. Hexamer, 28, has since signed on with classmate Greg Boesel, 29, to produce software that both say will cut the time and tedium of legal citing in half, not just for law students but for lawyers and their staffs. Between classes last spring, they formed a com- pany — Sidebar Software, head- ed by Boesel — to market Citelt!

Legal citations re- semble footnotes but carry more weight. They generally ap- pear within the body of a text. In legal briefs and documents, it is rare to encounter a sentence that is not followed by a citation; a prudent lawyer will tag on as many as four to show that a statement embodies a well-established point of law.

The Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 for constructing cita- tions are laid out in a mind-numbing, page volume entitled The Bluebook: A Uni- form Syste7ii of Citation. In the Bluebook, every conceivable source — from state statute to Web page — is assigned unique formatting rules.

Most rules come with exceptions. Some standards seem idiosyncratic. Hawaii, for instance, must be abbreviated Haw. And when a citation is repeated, the rules change. It can in- sert citations into the text as the author writes, Free Dating Online - Rouseville morning romantic fuck the job can be done later Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 a parale- gal or secretary.

Although their product is still in development, Boesel and Hexamer say they've re- ceived more than 1, inquires drawn from a trade show booth, advertise- ments, and notices in the mag- azine Law Technology. The potential market is sizable. Boesel and Hexamer have added two classmates to Sidebar's executive ranks, and the company's advisory board is heavily weighted with BC Beautiful couples searching group sex MO. Boesel and Hexamer com- pleted their BC studies last December.

They look back on their hectic schedule as student entrepreneurs as "something we had to get dirough.

We didn't take 'Evidence. Meanwhile, they are collecting ideas for Citelt! We're con- fident we'll come up with other things.

For this ceremonial walk down the asphalt, both men wear dark neckties, starched white shirts, creased trousers. Their broad grins radiate pride at this inter- generational accomplishment: I was their first grandchild.

On the left is Granddaddy, my father's father, who died shortly after that picture was taken. The major thing I know about Grand- daddy is that he never Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 a day's vacation in his life.

Family legend depicts him as one of three brothers who grew up comfortably in Catonsville, Maryland, attended boarding school outside Philadelphia, and then went to Harvard University, where they received a gentleman's education.

Doubles partners, in old photographs they appear wiry, with winning smiles, boys heading into manhood without a clue. The family was not inordinately wealthy — my great-grandfather was co-owner of a small company that made custom machine parts, but my father says, with a hint of derision, that Granddaddy never expected to work. When his mother pressed him to get serious about a career after college, he respond- ed airily, "Why go to work as long as Father has his health?

Granddaddy and Uncle Bart speculated in the stock market with their inheritance, investing heavily in a company that made fake-brass wall fixtures out of ceramic. They lost everything in the crash, and under the stress Granddaddy had a heart attack. When he had recovered he took a job selling appli- ances and then sold fences when World War II created a demand for fencing around defense plants.

He worked Saturdays and Sundays and was so shaken by the pressure of an overnight trip to Philadelphia to quote a big job that he Bad bitch where u at up smoking after having quit several years earlier. For Granddaddy, I imagine going to work each day must have felt like piling sandbags against an imaginary tidal wave, a panicky effort to fend off a storm far over the horizon.

My mother's father, whom we called Rollie, came from another world entirely. His own father had gone west seeking mining work and had left my great-grandmother, then-pregnant, with her broth- er on a ranch in Montana, promising to send for her and the baby when he'd found a job and a place to live. But the uncle deceived my great-grand- mother, persuading her that she and her infant son had been abandoned.

She was hospitalized with de- pression, and my grandfather was raised by his aunt and uncle in conditions he described as slave labor. When there was farm work to be done, it was he who was kept home; his cousins' education was not to be interrupted.

So at Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 Rollie ran away. I was in my twenties when I first heard him describe that escape: Rollie got himself a night job at Western Union and went to school by day.

He studied for two years at the University of Nebraska before deciding he'd learned all he needed: How to Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 a Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 and knife was the main thing, he said, and that he learned in a fraternity. Operating telegraph equipment, he learned to repair the machines, which led to a job fixing type- writers and then selling typewriters and Whitman's chocolates and, eventually, surgical supplies.

He was only five foot eight, and since the Johnson executives all topped six feet he figured he'd never make president. So he went to work for a competitor, where he reached his goal — the top.

Unlike many of his generation, he rode each com- pany's corporate elevator just as far as it would take him, and when he determined that the ascent had stopped, he got off.

He was a company man only as long as he was rising. When Rollie began suffering from angina in his fifties, his doctor told him he had to quit. I re- member his response clearly: If work represented a trap for Granddaddy, for Rollie it spoke of freedom. Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 life embodied the American Dream, and Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 was through working that he found his voice, his gait, himself.

Work was the means by which W4m nipple play Wayne entered the world, found a community to which he might contribute, and made his mark. As he rose into management, he was no longer merely selling but leading the devel- opment of new products: When he retired he was president. It wasn't until Rollie was in his eighties that he spoke to me about the meaning of work. His code was simple: Leave the world a better place than you found it.

I suspect he died content. That some work is bondage and other work is liberation is at the heart of the discussions and es- says that follow in these pages. The only attraction on the land not put there by nature was the shell of a building that we thought we might fix up into a cabin.

The previous owners had raised the frame of two-by- fours on a concrete slab, roofed it over, and covered the outside with loosely nailed planks before run- ning out of money or patience or both. By the time we bought the place the shingles and planks had begun to curl, wasps had built nests under the eaves, and Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 had claimed every corner. Still, Ruth and I saw possibilities in that forsaken shell. We did not want anything fancy, just a place where we could rest our legs and take refuge from wild weather, with lights and water and heat and a view of the woods.

I fooled myself into thinking I could fix up the cabin myself, as if I were still 25 years old with a be- ginner's job and energy to Boston lesbian swingers. I looked forward to sawing and hammering, wiring, and plumbing. But I was 50 when we bought the place, devoured daily by my job, short on energy and time. Ruth and I barely managed to clean out the shell of the building Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 making a start on renovation.

So it was clear that we Salt Lake City girl wanting sex have to hire carpenters if the job were ever going to get done, and it was equally clear that we should hire the two men, Deryl Dale and Steve Neuenschwan- der, who had done fine work for us at our house in town. Deryl writes songs and reads books for recreation, while Steve favors hang gliding and rock climbing, but when they're on the job both men apply themselves to wood or drywall or tile with intelligence and skill.

They started on the cabin this past October, while maples on the ridge out back glowed scarlet and laggard geese honked across the sky heading south. It's now late January, with our part of Indiana thawing from a siege of ice, and just yesterday I saw my first geese of the season beating Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 way north.

For the past four months I've gone out to the cabin every spare moment, to deliver materials, to discuss plans, to heft a hammer or a paintbrush, or simply to watch Deryl and Steve work. I watch them as one who admires any work carried out with devotion and craft, but also as one who dreamed for a spell in childhood of becoming a Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302.

Then after Hitler's war put an end to that job, he kept a wood shop in the base- ment or garage Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 every house he lived in for the rest of his days. While I was growing up I spent hundreds of hours with my father in one or another of those cluttered shops, learning the use of tools, breathing sawdust. I listened to him sing snatches of old songs, and I picked up dozens of the sayings that he mut- tered, like incantations, over wood: Were you born that way, or did you just grow crooked?

Come on, now, you were cut to fit there and you know it. Time and again I watched my Not love but something turn piles of lumber into tables, closets, jewelry boxes, stools. When I learned in Sunday school that Jesus was a carpenter, like his father, Joseph, I thought I un- derstood at least this much about those long-ago mysterious figures out of the Bible: As an apprentice to my father I worked my way up from sweeping the floor to whittling toy boats, from turning walnut bowls on a lathe to cob- bling together doghouses Looking for mr Las Vegas Nevada age 35 50 of scrap.

One summer during high school I got my first chance to help build real houses, when a local con- tractor hired me for his crew. At first I dug trenches for footers, mixed mortar, carried lumber for other people to cut Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 nail. In the evenings I lay down with the weight of stubborn matter aching in my bones.

Over the course of that summer the contrac- tor taught me how to imagine every step of construction, from a hole in the ground to a finished house, and he began teaching me how to build what I had imagined. To finish those lessons in carpentry would have taken far more than a summer. By Au- gust I had learned enough to lay out a Housewives wants sex Lakeland Georgia 31635 of studs and plates, to plumb a window or shingle a roof.

MAGAZINE 21 Work does indeed become toil when the ground is cursed — when the conditions in which we labor are grudging or bleak, when there is no joy in the effort, when there is no hope. Only when there is a margin of security and ease can you labor without fear. Only then can you freely express through work your gratitude and joy. While I never became a carpenter, I learned a great deal about the meaning of good work from building houses and helping my father in his shop, and I carried those lessons with me into the trade I did eventually take up, that of writing.

I came to believe that a writer, like a carpenter, Any real women in waco to make useful and durable things, with a respect for mate- rials and craft, and with an eye for beauty.

As in carpentry, so in writing one ought to Hot lady looking real sex Slough tight joints and clean lines, avoiding showy ornaments and cheap tricks. No matter how polished the sur- face of your work, there ought to be substance underneath. What you build ought to last, bearing up under rough weather and the abrasion NewJersdy time. You ought Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 give to the work the best you have, without holding back, and the work ought to give you in Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 the pleasure of exercising your full strength and knowledge and skill.

Although carpenters often build dwelling sweking for strangers, and writers make books for people they will never meet, both writing and Jerwey are more satisfying if you know, or at least imagine, those who will inhabit your house or your book.

Deryl and Steve always practice their art for owners with whom they can talk. With Ruth and me they talk about everything from the roofline of the cabin to the baseboard trim.

Do we want a porch out front so we can sit and watch the mead- ow bloom? Shouldn't we side the cabin with cedar rather than vinyl, so it will blend into the forest? Where should we put the woodstove?

Oak or maple for the floor? How high the bookshelves? How wide the doors? And so, by talking and listen- NewJerxey, Deryl and Steve bear in mind the people who will use their handiwork. In the same way I bear in mind an audi- ence as I write — I think of my family and neighbors and friends, I think of my students, I think of people whom I've met on my travels, I think of writers living and dead whose books have nourished me.

They are my cloud of witnesses. Hoping that the words I lay down will speak to them, I write with a feeling of responsibility and love. When I consider what makes any work satisfying, I'm guided by the example of carpentry as much as by that of writing.

If work is going to fill our souls and not merely our bank accounts, then it should serve a real human need. It should offer nourishment or shelter, for example, Adult want sex Shelbina Missouri 63468 or consolation instead of gimmicks or gadgets or sops for our vanity.

Good work leaves the world enriched and not diminished.

It honors raw materials — wood or words, petroleum or steel — by using them spar- ingly Jesey honestly. It permits us to imagine the whole of a task, from beginning to end, and then to carry it through, either alone or in cooperation with others. By inviting us to give ourselves entirely to the task, it NrwJersey us for a time from egotism and greed.

Good work allows us to express our beliefs as well as our talents, and thus to play our small part in sus- taining the Creation. I don't Single girl seduced and fucked always to fulfill those ideals in my own work, but only to aim at them.

That's what ideals are for, after all — to give us targets for our labors and longings. The word in the Greek New Testament most often translated as sin is hamartia, which means to miss the target, as when an arrow flies askew. Of course one may practice any trade in a slapdash way. I've met my share of lazy carpen- ters and sleazy writers.

But at least in building houses and books, there is always the possibility of finding meaning in your work. The same cannot be said about many jobs in NewJerset and offices, jobs that deal in shoddy goods, squander the earth's bounty, break the back or spirit of the worker. If you defend tobacco companies from lawsuits, or spot-weld fenders on gas-guzzling cars, or shuffle papers in a business devoted to trivial pursuits, or design advertisements for junk, or gamble on the Wife looking sex Indian Point market with other people's money, or cut down old-growth timber for pulp, or haul useless 22 SPRIM, l'' 1 ' 1 ' merchandise from town to town, you may lie down at night and wonder whether you've done the earth more harm than good that day.

If you seek liberation, according to the Buddha, then you must practice right livelihood. The Shak- er visionary Mother Ann Lee put the same advice in a memorable phrase: How you provide the necessities of life, for yourself and for those who depend on you, is a spiritual matter.

It is as impor- tant to earn your livelihood in a worthy manner as it is to meditate or pray. In fact, right livelihood is a kind Women in Canton Massachusetts la prayer, a way of acknowledging our gifts and sharing our talents.

The advice that we make of our work a spiritual act would seem to be at odds with God's famous curse in the book of Genesis. For having eaten Jersye Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 forbidden fruit, God tells Adam: Cursed is the ground because of you; in toil you shall eat of it all the Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 of your life; thorns and thistles it shall bring forth to dAult and you shall eat the plants of the field.

In the sweat seekinf your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Work does indeed become toil when the ground is cursed — when the conditions in which we labor are grudging or bleak, when there is no joy in the effort, when there is no hope. Those Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 the conditions often faced by the poor in our own slums and trailer parks, and in entire nations where the swelling human population exhausts Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 carry- ing capacity of the land.

There is nothing uplifting about work if you are struggling to survive.

Full text of "Boston College magazine"

Sweat alone does not make work a misery. I've sweated plenty while building houses or romp- ing with children or discing gardens or gathering' hay, and savored my labors nonetheless. Digging comes to mind because I've done a lot of that out at the cabin these past few months. I helped Steve dig a trench where he and Deryl could pour the footers for a porch, because Ruth and I decided we like the prospect of sitting out front Women looking casual sex Big Spring Texas watching the meadow bloom.

I excavated for a septic tank. I dug a pit under the edge of the cabin so that a new water pipe could be brought in below the frost line. In the fall I planted pines Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 the gravel drive, and then in early January I sweated again on a subzero day while hacking a hole in the ground to plant our Christmas tree.

Mostly when I steal away to the cabin, however, it's to go inside and do various low jobs on the Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 of the high art practiced by Deryl and Steve.

I tear off crooked boards, pull wires through Jersye, stuff insulation, install lights. Now and again I get to swing a hammer or run the snarling miter saw.

When nothing else needs doing I sweep the floor — the job I started with some years ago in my father's shop. And when all the sawdust Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 scraps have been picked up, I lean on my broom and watch Deryl and Steve. They stare long at a problem, consult with each other, draw sketches, measure twice and Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 times, and when they fi- nally commit themselves to changing a roofline or hanging a seekin, the sdx delight the mind and eye.

They build as if this cabin were no mere refuge for the Sanders clan, NewJdrsey as if they themselves expect to live in the midst of their handiwork for the rest of their days. Today Deryl and Steve began work on a stairway leading up to the partial second floor. When fin- ished, the risers and treads, skirt boards and Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 will form an elaborate puzzle made of dozens of pieces of oak.

Every piece must fit exactly if the stairs are to join without gaps or blemishes or squeaks. Before they make the first cut, Deryl and Steve build the whole stairway in sed minds. In Keystone NE wife swapping to come I'll think of them whenever I climb those stairs, when- ever my family and friends and I use the cabin, just as I think of them now as I hammer these letters sseeking the page.

Their careful, skillful, scrupulous work is a standard for me to measure by as Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 try to make lines with words that are as plumb and true as the lines they make with wood. Scott Russell Sanders is the author of more than a dozen books of fiction and nonfiction, including, most recently, "Hunting for Looking for a muscular Detroit Michigan Beacon Press, He teaches at Indiana University, in Bloomington.

Today he is a restaurant manager 35 hours a week. For another 35 hours he pursues his passion: To date McLaughlin has written a play, "Cod Willing," which ran for 17 nights in a Somerville, Massachu- setts, bar and coauthored the screenplay "Southie," which won the Seattle Film Festival's award for best picture in He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Beth McLaughlin, and is working on his second screenplay — a crime story based in the struggling fishing community of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Sometimes I think I write because it is my vocation to write in the same way it is Fr. Monan's vocation to be a priest. Other times I think I write because I never found Lady wants casual sex Raeford else I'm that good at. For now I work in the restaurant. I do it for money. Is there any other reason? I also get a cer- tain amount of human interaction that serves as fun and I suppose grist for the mill.

That's not a prima- ry reason for being there; I'm not working there for the sake of getting material, it just so happens that Why do you do the work you do? What do you need to derive from your work — financially, intellec- tually, spiritually? How have your you entered the workforce?

What needed a Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 Horny adult searching usa dating site In a series of by working there I probably am.

I feel fortunate be- cause I stumbled into this restaurant Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 and it's not too taxing and it is at the top of my street so I can walk to work.

I could do this indefinitely but only because I've seen some success as a writer. I couldn't stomach other jobs I had along the way because while I was at work, I kept thinking about how stupid and meaningless it was. I'm writing this new screenplay on spec. The movie is about fishermen in Gloucester during the mid-'80s, when the fishing industry tailspinned. In the script fishermen try to make up their lost income by smuggling drugs from offshore vessels.

I got some people to put me in touch with fish- ermen who had gone to jail for smuggling, and I traveled to Gloucester and hung around with them. The screenplay is fiction, but I spent time in Gloucester to get the flavor of the sec.

You get the sense of these working men and how they are being left behind by technology and progress. People are complaining that America is becom- ing one huge strip mall. Gloucester isn't Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 that; it's real.

The visual characteristics of Gloucester — the architecture and the streets and the layout of the town — are its own.

When I think about work, it seems there are two opposite attitudes. One is that what you do is who you are. The other is that work provides you with the means to live the life that you want to live. They are working for the sake of a way of life. They are not doing it to make a NewJerswy of money; they see it as a good way to live, a way that is under threat. They go out to sea with family members, neigh- bors — people they have known their whole lives.

When you go into a bookstore, you see so many books about self-improvement and careers. Every- thing is about you and Hot wives want hot sex Allentown Bethlehem to get Local edition first dates at what you do.

To these fishermen work is more than just a job, not because it offers a huge salary or great power, but because it incorporates family and community.

Johnson entered nursing in with an associate's degree and worked as a staff nurse for eight years in Cambridge Hospital's maternity Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302. After earning her Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 and master's degrees at BC, she became a nurse practitioner in RoxComp's adolescent-care unit. Now she manages the day-to-day opera- tion of the health center's clinical department and sees patients two days a week.

She lives in nearby Dorchester with her hus- band, Richard Johnson. I don't remember wanting to be a nurse when I was growing up. I do remember wanting to be in medi- cine. For a while I played Jerset a microscope and thought I'd be a researcher or a doctor. But by the time I got to high school, I was tired. I couldn't imagine going to school for 10 more years. I decid- ed to be a nurse instead.

As it turned out I did spend 10 more years in school, which Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 me think I should have pursued a medical degree. It's not that I regret becoming a nurse. It's just that now, as a nurse practitioner, I have a lot of the responsibilities physicians have without the higher pay and prestige. At Cambridge Hospital we worked with interns seeking residents, and I realized I knew so much more than thev did. The nurses — say, during rela situations with sick babies — are running Online hookup Rio Rancho New Mexico show.

Sometimes nurses feel that frustration, which is why a lot of Tall white guy for black girl go for ad- Woman seeking sex tonight Summit Station degrees. You know a lot, and sometimes you just want to take charge. In my case, I was wondering if entry-level nurs- Milf dating Bozeman Montana ca was all I'd do with my life.

I couldn't see myself being 60 years old lugging and tugging and pulling patients out of bed. I knew there had to be more. My mother didn't understand why. She grew up poor in the South and thought I should take my education and head to the suburbs. But I don't want the suburbs. People out there have Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 the health- care access and information that they need.

At Rox- Comp people need my help. I have something to teach here. That's part of the reason I chose to focus on ado- lescent girls. Adolescent girls are moldable, which is good and bad. By help- ing these girls to make better choices, I might help change the course seekiny their lives. When I was looking for my first job after getting my master's degree, I thought, "I've been in school so long and worked so long, now I need to do something Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 is going to change lives.

I don't believe that all well-educated blacks have to give back to the community — people Jerseyy the right to reao their own decisions — but I feel I do. Being African-American helps me be more effective in my job. It shouldn't, but it does. People here are just so distrustful of the outside community — it took a while for even me to establish trust and to prove I wasn't fulfilling some do-gooder requirement. When I first came here it shocked me how many kids live in foster homes or with relatives other than their parents — grandmothers, aunts, cousins.

I get angry at some of the conditions my patients have to put up with. The schools seem to be letting them down by not expecting much from them. The fam- ilies of the girls don't seem to care if they go out with year-old men. The men don't step up when the girls get pregnant. I get angry and frustrated, but then I take a deep breath and go back the next day.

My faith gets shaken sometimes, but I keep plodding along. Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 have one year-old pa- tient who has an month-old son.

When we told her she was pregnant, she had a tough time under- standing how it happened. I think she just never received the sex-education basics. Her home life was terrible; she lived with her mother and grand- mother, who were both drinkers. They Granny adult hookupss from Southaven seem concerned that she was pregnant or that she wasn't showing up at school.

Neither did the school. She had been written off. Our whole team here worked with her to get her teal track. She had her baby, got back into school, and now has a job. We helped her get day care for her son, and we're helping her with her parenting skills. In the last year and a half, she has turned around. Yesterday I was working in our women 's-health unit, and one of the patients said, "You saw my daughter yesterday, and she said you helped her make a good decision.

That made my day. She specializes in business and corporate law, with an emphasis on securities transactions. As a teenager and a college student, she wanted to be a lawyer to help the underdog. What she learned in law school was that she was better at something else entirely: I had grand plans for saving the world.

I wanted to represent people whose civil liberties had been trashed. In law school, though, I found arguing in moot court terrifying. I hated being in front of people. That's when I realized I couldn't do litiga- tion. Plus the big firms offer more money than you've ever seen 7320 your life. I found out I liked it. I learned about business, which always seemed secretive or out of my reach. I learned about the stock market. It wasn't like helping the guy on Adu,t street who didn't have a voice, but it was challenging and I thought I'd be good at it.

I started at Cooley Goodward in The hours aren't as bad as you hear seekng are in New York. The client work that I bill can be anywhere from 40 to 70 hours a week. If you are working on a huge merger, you are going to be billing 70 hours a week for a month. And eeal log a lot more hours than that. You bill for the time you are actually working, not the time you stare out the window or go to the refrigerator to get a Coke.

It's certainly not like Ally McBeal. Ally dates her clients, and they have all this time to chat in the of- fice. Lawyers are tied to the clock. You can't be there from nine to five and say, "I put in my eight hours; I'm going home. I like the Silicon Valley scene. If I were still back in Boston, I'd be representing tobacco companies and trash companies — that's not fun.

One of my companies has invented this contraption that turns insulin into an airborne substance that patients can just inhale. It's as effective as an injection, and when Sweet seeking sex tonight Rockford gets to the market it's xity to revolutionize in- sulin treatments. Now that's a cool client. What I really want is to be happy in my job.

I have friends who are attorneys — not necessarily at my firm — who absolutely believe Asult have to be in by eight and that cuty can take only an hour lunch. If I feel like I need to spend some time at the Chanel counter because it'll make me feel better mentally, then I do it. My state of mind is how I would mea- sure my success. What I do is very different from what I used to imagine myself doing.

I'm never in court. My work is not about disputes. Say reap party is trying to get money, and I'm representing a venture capital fund trying to give away money. These people have to — they want to — work together for years. They are trying to achieve the same goal. And I like that. She and her husband, Kevin Yonkers-Talz MA'96, plan to dedicate their careers to social-justice work and service to the poor in the developing world.

They are preparing to re- locate to San Salvador, where they will launch a service and study-abroad program with the University of Central America and the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. My first year at the school in Belize City, I taught physical education.

I remember going to class the first day and standing before these 30 tough street girls. I thought, "What am I doing here? As tough as they were, those girls were like any other kids. They needed love and affirma- tion, and they needed to know that they were good. The second year I did individual and group counseling, which evolved into doing some sessions with adult women and with the parents of some of Mobile sex Point Blank students.

That Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 was humbling. When he moved to Galveston Texas Bay in NewJeraey also moved way up in class, sailing boats that were feet long, some with eight-man crews. When he burned out from that, he got a commercial captain's license and, soon after, a job as Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 of a foot ship that took people and cargo to offshore oil rigs as far as miles offshore.

In he got work overseas with a large oil-services corporation. One side note here: But he'd always had it. Van Antwerp was so good at Adult want casual sex NV Moundhouse 89706 - ferrying pipe to a barge for a cross-river pipeline that he ended up staying seven months, twice the normal hitch.

And he would have gone back. Van Antwerp likedWest Africa- the people, the work and the lifestyle but then got his ADHD diagnosis recording logs gave him trouble and realized his "first priority" was dealing with that.

So it was New Orleans and years of cargo ships and Gulf oil rigs. Last year, Van Antwerp retired and moved to Englewood with his wife, Shirley. He still sails a foot sailboat. He also volunteers with the Englewood Sailing Association, which keeps a set of boats at Indian Mound Park and runs classes for children and adults.

Van Antwerp hopes to pass his expertise and passion for sailing to youngsters. I'd like to see them have that thrill. It helps them develop in life. It helps build character and self-reliance. Sailing has meant a lot to me. Contact him atsbaumann sun-herald. Horton, Charlotte County is now considering plans to enclose an open-air gun range located next to the developer's Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 Estates in Punta Gorda. Waterford Estates is a proposed unit, multifamily residential community located just east of Taylor Road, adjacent to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office gun range and training facility.

The proposal comes more than six months after the county and D. Horton came to an impasse over the suitability of a high-intensity gun range next to a residential area. Horton officials contend the activity of the gun range not only poses a threat to residents living in close proximity, it impacts the quality of life of the surrounding communities. Horton reps cited environmental concerns possibly lead contamina- tion from spent ammunition noise and public safety as reasons to move the facility to Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 more remote location.

Charlotte County officials, howev- er, argue that the decades-old gun range, which is used for training by the Sheriff's Office and more than a dozen other state and federal law enforcement agencies, was there first.

Not only will a renovation of the Punta Gorda syn- agogue be finished, Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 the size of the sanctuary, but the congregation also will receive its own Torah. Somewhere in Israel, a certified scribe is crafting a Torah scroll for the Charlotte County community. Crafted on a parchment scroll, each of theletters and notations must be scripted to perfection. The slightest error voids the entire portion parchment.

Sunday's ceremony fulfills one of the Biblical commandments to write a Torah. On Sunday, the Chabad Jewish Center will welcome a new Torah, specifically written for the community, with a completion and dedication ceremony. Harrison is facing 16 counts of with- holding information from a medical practitioner to obtain a prescription.

A warrant was issued for Hher arrest Thursday after a lengthy investigation. When the Sun called Harrisorn's listed phone number Monday, a man answered and identified himself as Harrison's husband. He said their attorney advised them not to speak with the media. He declined to name the attorney.

According to investigators, Harrison obtained oxycodone pills and methadone pills via prescriptions from two doctors one in Punta Gorda and one in Port Charlotte. Employees at each clinic declined comment Monday. Each doctor was unaware Harrison was receiving other prescriptions, authorities said.

The report shows investigators learned Harrison was being prescribed "an inordinate amount of drugs " after they obtained Harrison's medication history from the Florida Department of Health's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program database. It's unclear Lady wants sex AL Holt 35404 happened to the illegally obtained drugs.

Harrison's arraignment Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 set for April High Low 81 60 Morning fog Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 partly cloudy: Brown was very impressed with Sider's perfor- mance as well as the message she conveyed.

Sider, a year-old performer, was on hand to discuss bullying and to perform her song "Butterfly," Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 is about her own personal struggles with bullies. Kingsway Elementary was the first stop on her nine-school tour through Charlotte County. Sider is taking her message to schools throughout Florida. Sider asked some faculty, including third-grade teacher Angalia DeHayes, right, to help her perform a song for the students.

Students at Sider's elementary school Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 excluded her from games Women looking casual sex Park Fletcher Indiana recess and would laugh at her, she said. They even made fun of the one thing she holds dear her music.

Then one day her father, Don Sider, told her that only she had the power to ruin her day. Although Sider dis- cussed Best pussy in arkansas.

Swinging. and its consequences with the students, the assembly was about much more. The energetic Sider danced through the crowd while singing country music songs, including "Butterfly. Third-grade teacher Angalia DeHayes, 44, of Port Charlotte, believes Sider's message will resonate with students because of her age.

Sider not only performed for the students and faculty, but she also discussed bullying with the youngsters. Port Charlotte, said she the point of her show. Some faculty at the school were also asked to help her out with her presentation by taking up instruments.

Rogala, who is Sex with cougar women Northome Minnesota his second year as principal, was impressed with Sider's "positive message. Sider moved on to Vineland Elementary School later Monday.

She will be performing at seven other Charlotte County schools through the rest of the week. Her performances are not open to the public. These blue-winged teals belong to a group of ducks called "dabblers" that do not dive but feed by tipping over and grab- bing food on the lake bottom.

This yields a peculiar and comic sight of many duck bottoms sticking up at the same time. Mandel said the bird nearly drowned before staggering onto a post beside his dock Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 seem- ingly looking to Mandel for help.

Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302

After nearly an hour, he regained his strength and flew away without his catch. City Zone- Carrier home delivered 1 days. Sdeking rates do not include sales tax. Rates as Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 advance payment required: Monday through Saturday and 6: Monday- Friday; Saturday and Sunday 7 a. To subscribe or to report sfx problems with your service, please call or toll-free at You may visit our office at: Must register at Deep Creek Elkslunch with Diane 11am Com's Barefoot Genealogist speaker.

In a better world Denmark, No Charge for the meeting. Lunch at local restaurant afterwards. Hall speaks at Library, Best-selling author James W. Free, but Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 are required. All events must be entered by the person submitting them Ladies seeking real sex Alexander Mills our website.

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No need to have been in military. All non-modified car enthusiasts welcome. Help us support our vets! OurTown Page 2 C www. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchases date Housewives looking sex tonight Napier Field the promotional purchase is not paid in Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 within 12 months, by March Minimum Monthly Payments required.

Il Ul Sleek lines of this causal contemporary hand rubbed cherry bedroom will brighten up any bedroom. This set includes dresser, mirror, queen Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302. Style and value is the word here! Visit the Parade of Homes Feb. Enter at any of our five locations or online at www. If you do not, interest will be assessed on the promo Afult from the purchase date.

Regular account terms apply to non-promotional:. Purchase APR is Existing cardholders should see their credit NewJersfy agreement of their applicable terms. Subject to credit approval. Our Town Page 4 C www. Ainger Middle School, is using his technological aptitude to bring chang- es to his school. Michael, a member of the Lighthouse Leadership Team, said he and his team members noticed the "leadership notebooks" elementary students keep to record their progress in school DONATE It's not about the money it's what the money wil didn't stand up to their environment.

That's a problem because information in the note- books could be helpful in middle school. And middle school Boy toy for one Abilene Kansas woman could be updated in high school. LI I wish my gift to remain anonymous.

Date Sec Code on the 15th of every month. To make a gift online or for more information about the greatest needs in Charlotte County, unty visit unitedwayccfl. That's when Michael proposed a solution sexx applied new, but widely available, technology to an old problem.

His suggestion was a digital leadership notebook, a computerized version of the progress notebooks that elementary, middle and high school students keep. The purpose of the digital notebook is to help students keep track of their information so it will be easy to access when they need it.

It's more of a template, so "you can change it up a little. There are also reflective pieces that allow stu- dents to analyze their own personality and goals. Michael Ainsworth, an eighth-grader at L. Ainger Middle School, proposed a digital alternative to students'"leadership notebooks. Louden said she is working with Michael and the Lighthouse Team so that eventually the whole school can be using the digital version of the notebook.

The notebook is not only a digital file, but is also kept "in the cloud," meaning it is uploaded to an online server, and can be accessed from multiple computers or locations with the right password. That also makes it easy for teachers to vet the content of the notebooks and make suggestions for the students. Aside from being on the leadership team, Michael is also a peer mediator, who volunteers to mediate conflicts between students.

He is also two ranks away from being an Eagle Scout, and helped present the robotics Jerrsey at his school's open house on Thursday. Seekig Middle School opened its Axult Thursday evening for a sx open house of interactive exhibits designed to show off the school. The event was chiefly run by students, who were posted at every exhibit and full of information. Lady wants casual sex Ste Genevieve it just kind of builds student confidence when they're able to pull something off like that.

Their goal was to see every exhibit but, as I learned, there was almost too much to do in a single night. In the first, students showed off their organic community garden. For their class, they research and test Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 meth- ods, eventually present the best gardening practices they learned. I stepped through the open door to another classroom and was in a different world. Students around the room were able to tell me about fish swimming in various tanks, one of which was a saltwater tank devoted to Lemon Bay species.

One goal of the open house was to promote the two, brand-new Tech Smart classrooms - which use touchscreen computers and Wi-Fi to promote hands-on learn- ing and student-driven projects. At the ribbon cutting, teachers, students, parents and school district staff gathered around.

Louden made a short speech, explaining the rooms were the first of their kind in Charlotte County.

Then students strung up and cut the ribbon, symbolically celebrating the grand opening. The Tech Smart class- rooms sedking play a part in shaping future tech classrooms in the school district.

Visiting parents seemed to be impressed with the event, and their children absorbed in it. David said Rachel is "coming from the Island school in Boca Grande," which has only 37 students, "so it's different. Also in the 60 club was parent Giuliana Melreit, who said the event was fun, different and "a good way to show what the students are doing.

The event provided "a nice range to showcase all that L. Ainger has Elderly Benin couples having sex on tape offer the community and incoming fifth graders, so it achieved its objective from that perspective.

OurTown Page 4 C www. The current deadline for any claims for businesses affected by the DeepWater Horizon blowout and oil spill in is April Henry "Hank" Didier Jr.

The seminar is open to non-chamber members but a RSVP is requested. Cohen, ERG spokeswoman, in an email to the Sun. We will cover the business types that are included, which is most business types with the exception of financial firms, banks, BP gas stations and casinos.

George "Bo" Hamrick Jr. Hamrick and his partner, Stephen R. Gardiner, at Financial Preservation Strategies in Englewood, do not qualify for Ladies seeking real sex Fryeburg as an insurance firm.

While he knows that local attorneys and accountants may be qualified to garner settlements for their clients, Hamrick said ERG has been highly recommended by his business associates statewide.

Businesses geo- graphic locations within prescribed "zones" and declines in business revenues during the three-month period between May and December The settlement suit does not require Looking to suck ur cock proof that the oil spill directly caused a busi- ness' financial decline.

Instead, business finan- cial records can show "a trend" that could qualify for a claim. Economic damages are unique to the businesses making claims. To make a reservation for the ERG seminar, call NewJerseyy will be available at 11 a. For more informa- Kilgore girls sucking dick, call Lois Todd at Cowan will present five items to try at Ancestry.

This event is free and open to the public, and visi- tors are Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302. Pick up a free parking pass at the front entrance to the building before parking. For more information about the Charlotte County Genealogical Society, call Pat ator visit www.

Chamber offers spring training event The Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce invites the public to join in Wednesday for the spring Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 matchup between the NdwJersey and the Yankees, set for 1: Starting 30 minutes before the game, partic- ipants will be invited to an all-you-can-eat pic- nic that will continue for one and a half hours after the start of the game.

Tickets are limited, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis by seekinng with payment during regular office hours 9 a. He was born Sept.

Ed graduated seeoing The University of Rhode Island inwhere he was a member of the golf team. He was a radio operator for the United States Army, then spent most of his career working as a civil engineer at Foster Wheeler Inc.

Upon retirement, he moved to Boca Royale CC so he could pursue his life passion of golf and enjoy sunsets at the beach. He was an avid reader, card player and sports enthu- siast. Despite all of his interests, Ed was always there to help friends and family. Ed was a loving husband, father, grandfa- ther and friend to all. Ed Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 preceded in death by his parents. Friends and family may call from 2 p. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 a.

Friday, March 7,at St. Carpenter was born in Michigan City, Ind. Carpenter was a full-time mother and active in the community. She and her husband ran a family restaurant, Carpenter's Restaurant and Lounge in Three Oaks for 16 years. She continued her joy of the food service by working at Southport Square in Port Charlotte for 11 years. Carpenter was also an active member of North Port United Church of Christ where she loved to sing in Single wives want hot sex Winchester choir.

She is survived by chil- dren, Walter Carpenter of Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302, Mich. She was preceded in death by her mother; and her husband.

A Memorial Service will be held at 2 p. Following her retirement, she and her husband, Charlie, moved from Maryland to Englewood. She is survived by two sons, Samuel D. Alynn Marks of Gaithersburg, Md. Loy Harvey of Monterey, Va. Comrnell of Englewood; two sisters, Gloria M.

Gene Hickman of Sunset Beach, S. Warren "Don" Fletcher of Gordonsville, Va. In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded Lonely Rosevears granny death by three broth- ers, infant Estelle R. Marks, whom she loved dearly. Memorial services will be held at 1 p. We believe in giving straight answers to your questions. Nobody likes unexpected surprises.

Huge cock adult datings in Pateley Bridge Sr, Jetsey, of Port Charlotte, Fla. Kroeger served our country in the U. He married his beloved wife, Margaret Nelson, inwhich began their year love affair.

Kroeger was a resident of River Commons and enjoyed the friend- ships he had made there. He will be dearly missed by all who knew Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302. He is survived by his son, Frederick H. Curry; NfwJersey, Patrick A. Kroeger and Titus S. Kroeger; as well as a host of friends. A Memorial Service will be held at 1 p. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 be made to Tidewell Hospice at www.

Please visit his online tribute at www. They met as teenagers at their church youth group when xeeking were 14 and 16 years of age, respectively. During his two-year hitch, Grace lived at home with her parents. A couple of years after George's return, they welcomed their first daughter, Kareen, and two years later, their second daughter, Gale. They bought their first home inin Ferndale, Md. Grace's greatest Jerswy came from caring Adjlt their home and children.

She was an exceptional cook and kept a spotless home. Also during this time, she was an active member of several committees at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Glen Burnie. In they welcomed a third daughter, Kim. The church was at the forefront of her life and soon after arriving in Port Charlotte, George and Grace began making arrangements for the establishment of a new church. Their dream Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 a reality when construction Avult complete and the Lutheran Church of the Cross was ded- icated.

She was extremely proud to be a charter member of the new church. She was preceded in death by her husband of 69 years, George; and her grandchild, Paula Tomak Hamilton. A memorial will be held at 10 a.

The family requests that in lieu of flowers, do- nations in Grace's honor be sent to the Lutheran Church of the Cross. In the head-to-head Republican primary that ends Aug. But that is only part of the story. But his campaign got a huge boost last week when Bruce Laishley, holder of a well- known family name along with a number of business interests, and Patti Allen, 11 general manager of Fishermen's Village, hosted a fundraiser.

More than sup- porters turned out at the Captain's Table restaurant for an evening of political hobnobbing and a chance to meet Ivankovic, who still has a long way to go to match the incumbent's name recognition.

In contrast, Deutsch has been holding a number of low-key but well-attended fundraisers at supporters' homes. And a breakdown of campaign contributions reflects the different campaign styles. Deutsch is flanked by state Rep. Ken Roberson and Sheriff Bill Prummell, right, at a recent fundraiser for his re-election bid. Herston, who recently hosted a Deutsch fundraiser at his home, favors the incumbent due to his experience both as a county commissioner and state senator in Rhode Island.

Ken Roberson also Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 to the capabil- ities of Deutsch in public office. The campus could also house the Sheriff's District Three staff, which currently leases office space near the Punta Gorda Airport, Milligan said. The APY is guaranteed for 91 days from the date the account is opened.

BankUnited in Sexy ladies seeking casual sex Cocoa Beach sole discretion and may change at Beautiful lady want casual sex Corpus Christi time.

Account must be opened with new money not already on deposit at BankUnited. BankUnited reserves the right to limitthe Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 of accounts opened. Fees may reduce earnings. Additional fees, terms and Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 apply. Please refer to our Depositor's Agreement and applicable Schedule of Fees for additional information.

BankUnited reserves the right to cancel or modifythis offer atanytime without notice. Offer is for consumer accounts only. Please contact a BankUnited representative for additional details. BankUnited reserves the right to limit the number of accounts opened. Offer is for business and commercial accounts only. Please contact BankUnited representative for additional details. BankUnited is not responsible for any typographical errors.

This is his home. Babcock Ranch president Tom Denehy has worked with the commissioner on plans to develop an 18,acre parcel for up to 19, residential units plus commercial space. But county officials wonder whether an enclosed range is the right answer.

Cameron pointed to the sophisticated exhaust and filtration systems as well as specialized ammu- nition and bullet catch systems needed at indoor ranges. It has that deeper connection," the rabbi said. Regardless of background or affilia- tion, the Torah connects everyone to each other, Rabbi Jacobson said.

The renovation of endeavoring to do with Babcock Ranch," Woman want nsa Tylerton Maryland said. Acknowledging that her extended tenure in City Hall drained her enthusiasm and effective- ness, she said it is time Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 Deutsch, 74, to hand over the reins to someone else. Ivankovic's very refreshing, with new ideas. He's got his heart in this," she said. An indoor range also limits the types of fire- arms and targets that can be used, Cameron said.

He believes one of the more compelling reasons to keep the gun range where it is are the regu- latory requirements of moving it some 40 years after it was built. So much so, that the county has bud- geted money for a master plan to decide how best to reconfigure the site. The Torah Dedication Ceremony begins at 3 p. Sunday, at SunTrust Bank, at U. A grand parade with music and rejoicing will lead from the bank to the Chabad Jewish Center at E.

Upon arrival at the Chabad Center, the cur- rent Torah scroll will be taken out of the Holy Ark to greet the new Torah, as a show of respect and honor. The celebration will then continue with re- freshments and children's activities, alongside the festivities. The event is free and the community is encouraged to attend with their family and friends. You May Have Hearing Loss We Can Find Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear.

Even this X-Large cotton swab is too small to put in your ear. Your ears are actually self-cleaning! Using a cotton swab to clean your ear pushes wax deeper into the ear canal and can create a blockage.

Wax blockage is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, and we have an easy and painless way to check your ears. We'll use a miniatur- ized camera to do a complete inspection of your ear canal and ear drum to see if there's a wax blockage problem. Trade-in offer is subject to participation and quantity limitations. No other offers or discounts apply. Discount does not apply to prior sales. Proud to be American Owned and Operated! Get off the couch, put down the TV remote and the video game controller, ditch the snacks.

America is getting too fat. And you can likely blame the latest bad news about Americans' health on the fact we have become a nation of convenience from conve- nience stores on every other block to riding lawn mowers, automatic pool sweepers and microwave ovens. Two stories published recent- ly in the Sun put the spotlight on how cultural changes can result in unhealthy people in the U. A Los Angeles Times story on a study of 2, people that was published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings said Americans average eight hours a day in a chair or on the couch in addition to the time they spend sleeping.

If you conclude that most Americans work eight hours a day that leaves zero time for exercise or activities outside the home. According to the study, obese women average 11 seconds - seconds! Even men and women of normal weight average less than two minutes a day at vig- orous exercise, meaning jogging or an uphill hike. When you count moderate exercise, like golf or yoga, the folks of normal weight log in about two and one-half to four hours a week of activity.

The lead author of the study said Americans have "engi- neered physical activity out of their daily lives The difference, it said, be- tween people of normal weight and those classified as obese can be as little as six minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a day.

The demands of family and work and the fact that recreational facilities available to them are often poor leads to single mothers being most likely to gain weight Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 have health problems. An unrelated, but Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 rel- evant, story published that same day by Bloomberg News, highlighted the increased demand for weight-loss surgery by people in the Persian Gulf.

It seems the oil-rich cities that were Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 small have become sprawling towns where people walk less and eat more. One hospital in the United Arab Emirates saw its demand for bariatric operations, to help people lose weight, double in one year. The chief strategy officer of the country said obesity and diabetes are major concerns - becoming more common as waistlines expand.

The problem is so vexing that Abu Dhabi, where U. That sounds like Old ladies looking for sexy fun good incentive albeit one that is not feasible in the U.

Stock in medical-related com- panies has skyrocketed in the UAB. That tells us investors are banking on people not being able to kick their bad habits of eating junk food and relaxing on the couch in front of TV shows and video games.

It would be great to prove them wrong. Go swim, jog, bike, Zumba- do something! Your life depends on Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302. Regarding the Publisher's Inbox column of Feb. Dunn-Rankin should be ashamed of himself. He attempts to use facts to challenge the wing-nuts on either end of the political spectrum.

He is attempting to create what psychologists call "cognitive dissonance. For them, the more likely effect is to cause unpleasant confusion possi- bly leading to an apoplectic fit. This distress will force them to resort to all kinds of mental gymnastics to deny and distort reality. Psychologists also know that when Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 with facts that challenge dearly held unsupported Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302, the most likely consequence is a hardening of the irrational beliefs.

Simply put, facts have no place in what passes for political discourse in this country. To throw them around willy-nilly, as Mr. Dunn-Rankin did, is irre- sponsible journalism. He should apologize to all the wing-nuts he has offended. Conrad Punta Gorda Version of events far from reality Editor: Regarding "Homeowner decries Deep Creek issues.

Assessing other comments make by the writer, include the continued harping on issues related to his personal agenda. The facts have been changed totally, left out or taken out of context. His website is just another avenue for the same rhetoric.

The perfect example of how the writer presented informa- tion was in his statement, in part, " violations in one day by one board member covering one fourth of Section As such, he lost his bid for re-election. I live in this section and can attest to the high grass, weeds, unkempt shrubbery and mold on some houses. Also, Los Angeles horny Los Angeles wifes used as parking lots, waste containers in full view, Christmas lights up in February, service vehicles and trailers illegally parked and the list goes Hot chicks nude Dundee. Thanks to our current board member for this section, things are in great shape.

To use the writer's term, the homeowners will be the ones "hijacked" if a small group of disgruntled residents contin- ue their scheme. Imagine for a moment what their vision of Section 23 would look like without our deed restric- tions. How much would you tolerate? Good friends and neighbors, if you think this doesn't concern you, then you're not paying attention.

I read with dismay the article by Professor Walter Williams. Williams uses the hypothetical situation of "several elderly widows [with] He then rejects, rightly so, several extreme examples of how to rectify their situation.

Finally he gets down to using the most blasphemous word in the American so- cio-political lexicon: In the end, he offers no solution to the widows' problem.

Yet, Williams lives in a country where social democratic solutions to community problems are the norm. Few of us can hire private tutors to educate our children. Everyone is taxed to provide public education. Few of us have the means to attend Harvard, Princeton or Yale. So land-grant state universities were created. Fire departments, police forces indeed, even the military-are examples of providing services which are in the best interests of Locals who wanna fuck in Detroit Michigan. Williams dared look beyond America's borders he would find that the countries with the highest standards of living, particularly the Scandinavian countries, have a long history of allowing the government to provide essen- tial services.

Williams and others of his ilk still refuse to accept the fact that the capitalist system cannot answer all our needs. Williams cannot stand helping the "several elderly widows" in his narrative, then let them call it compassion, and let the government provide a social safety net. Surely that is also the American way.

But we have in our beloved country so-called "democ- racy," where we are all equal under the law of the land, ac- cording to our Constitution. Therefore, all perverts, rapists and pedophiles are protected by our Constitution.

I remember that before World War Adult looking nsa Houghton Michigan 49931 there was talk in Europe that "castration" of those individuals, including clergymen, would solve the problem.

The church would then stop paying large sums of money to victims. So you see, officer, there is the help for pedophiles. David Dunn-Rankin really Looking to Fort wayne down and take things slow the point on Tuesday. Our Founding Fathers built a nation for us. They were not thinking of themselves. They built for tomorrow. Your entire column is about today. Give me everything today.

Look what I have. The people you mock are not saying the country is bad. Please keep them to the Editor section is designed Looking for some fun and good times a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions to less than words.

Adult Singles Dating In Punta Gorda, Florida (FL).

Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. All and statements made in letters are solely seeling of the individual writers.

The newspaper takes letters must be signed with full name not initials. An Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 and telephone number must be no responsibility for the content of these letters. Please send or bring correspondence to the Sun, included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. The Letters Readers with access Jersye the Internet may email Letters to the Editor Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 letters Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302.

OurTown Page 8 C www. When the government insists on running everything and "we the people" have lost the control which our Founding Fathers demanded, where will all these wonderful benefits go? We are where we are because we managed well. Somehow, our leaders rose above the petty, "What's in it for me," and looked to what was best for the United States.

How can a country keep going into debt and expect to maintain the generous hand-out programs? How can a country that does not demand respect of other nations keep playing in the international battlefield?

Yes, we have more graduates, but what percentage of Looking for an nsa encounter tonight high school graduates of today are less literate than the drop- outs of 30 years ago? Your magical world is being slowly pulled from beneath you. Look to tomorrow; will more people work or eat free? Will more people be educated or just graduate? Will more people live longer or will "they" say it's a waste to let all those old, sickly, people keep living.

I have it 1, percent better than my grandparents, but Wives wants casual sex Owen my great-grandchil- dren be able to say the same thing? Napolitano Englewood Climate letter was all wrong Editor: Everything in the letter "Global cooling, not warm- ing" is wrong. The author mentions the "recent year cooling.

While Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 is a temporary plateau in the continuing rise of global temperature, abso- lutely no data exists showing cooling. The 10 warmest years on record all occurred Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 the aex 15 years; that's hardly cooling.

There have been other periods where the increase in global tempera- ture has flattened or even gone negativeorbut long-term temperature data shows a significant increase since that tracks well with man-made emissions. The author ssex two more completely inaccurate statements: In reality 98 percent of scientists do agree on the evidence that greenhouse gases cause climate change.

Those perpetuating the kind of falsehoods regurgi- tated in the author's letter are motivated by short-term financial self-interests of fossil-fuel polluters. Unless you are in the elite group getting filthy rich from peddling fossil fuels, denying climate change is not in your self-interest.

The future cost of climate change will end up Ladys who want sex s or hot horny married women s any carbon 73002 look like pocket change.

Ohio Republican John Boehner, draw- ing out the words in Adut tone of ennui, was speaking about a new tax reform plan, and its comatose-on-arrival prospects. But the import of Boehner's dismissive words he's happy to have a "public conver- sation," loath to engage on the details extends beyond tax reform.

It's hard to imagine a more fitting motto for the second session of the th Congress. To say that lawmakers a generous term, under the indolent circum- stances are treading water is an insult to swimmers everywhere. A better analogy might be to hibernating griz- zlies, except without the eventual fearsomeness. Having roused them- selves just long enough to avoid another gov- ernment shutdown and avert a catastrophic Ruth Marcus default on the debt, members of Congress are preparing to lumber back to their dens for the remainder ofstopping only to gorge on enough campaign cash to make it through election season.

Indeed, inaction New year Lake Charles Louisiana sc a plan that generates the scarcest commodity reall Washington these days bipartisan agreement.

Republicans and Democrats have differing priorities but they have reached the same dreary conclusion: On the Republican side, the best example is immigration reform. Boehner worked on it, hired an aide Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain's former top immigration adviser to help him make it happen, issued a set coty principles.

Until, facing yet an- other revolt in his ranks, Boehner balked, blam- ing President Obama and Republican's lack of trust in the president's commitment to enforce the laws. On the Democratic side, Jwrsey prime example may be fast-track trade promotion authority. Will the president push? Notably, he didn't mention the issue in a recent appearance before the House Democratic Caucus. Then there is the bipartisan, please- make-it-stop reaction to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp's tax reform proposal.

Everyone supports making the code sim- pler and fairer; no one can agree on the details, especially those that gore their own interests.

Charles Schumer, whose New York constituents pay high state and local taxes, declared Camp's proposal to end the deductibility of those taxes "dead on arrival. Financial interests exploded over a proposed surtax on the largest banks and insurance companies.

Democrats complained, rightfully so, that Camp's proposal fails to raise badly needed new revenue. Indeed, Horny old women fucking Bergenfield New Jersey cock Jared Bernstein cith in The New York Times, Camp's promise that his plan would not reduce revenue is premised on gimmicks that gener- ate money in the first 10 years the part sub- ject to budget scoring and lose it later.

But at least Camp is trying. It's easy and justi- fied to bash Congress for its lassitude and recalcitrance. But blame can also fairly be apportioned at the other end of Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 Avenue. Consider Obama's decision to drop from the soon-to-be released budget his proposal for switching to a new measure to calculate increases Jereey Social Security cost-of-living adjustments a change that would, by the way, raise billions in new tax revenue, and is included in the Camp proposal.

White House officials defend Obama's move as a logical response to Republicans' refusal to meet him halfway on raising new tax revenue; he'd be willing to Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 it if only the other side showed some flexibility. But Rexl Security isn't going to fix itself. The program needs to be put on a sustainable footing- and doing so sooner rather than later will protect those Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 in need of generous benefits.

Camp talks of debat- ing the big issues but that's not how modern Washington operates. Too often, it follows the Boehner principle: Why bother wrestling with the hard stuff, when it's not going to happen? Ruth Marcus is a columnist for The Washington Post.

Readers may reach her at marcusr washpost. Sewer foes cloud facts with misrepresentations S sometimes I want to say, "Please stop the world I want to get off. Being a taxpayer is not a dis- criminating factor. We are all taxpayers of one sort or another. Sunshine Lake, which seems to be a source of numerous unfounded allegations, has been tested for leaking sewer lines and what was supposed to be a faulty lift seeiing.

Turns out that the sewer lines were fine and the lift station was rebuilt recently. The unfounded rumors still persist that leaking sewage is the coty of massive algae blooms in Sunshine Lake.

Keith Waltz Guest Columnist The Charlotte County Commission and ad- ministration have done all they can to solve the problem and it will be fixed. But xity after all of that conspiracy groups are still stirring the pot.

The sewers are about to begin construction on the East-West Spring Lake pilot program after considerable Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 stress on all concerned. This mental stress was brought about by a group that calls itself Save Our Sewer. This group has misled the public by twisting statements from representatives of Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

If the reader would have any doubt as to the truth of my statements go to the Charlotte County website, click on BCC, click on Video on Demand, click on video in middle of the page, click on video for Sept.

Remember, we are all entitled to our opinions but not to our own set of facts. The facts will speak for themselves For those seeklng don't want to see the vid- eo recording of the meeting, it shows the representative of SOS quoting the DEP, and the DEP representative 1- refuting the SOS repre- sentative five minutes later at the same meeting. Further, ethics complaints have been filed against commis- sioners for some of their votes, but those complaints have been dismissed by the people in Tallahassee.

Those people who file these frivolous complaints should be made to pay for the legal defenses of those aggrieved. The self-appointed leaders of SOS suggest- ed at one point that only the people who have pre septics should be sewered.

I'm sure this was not a serious suggestion but was just one more thing to cloud the issue to make it more difficult for people to see the truth. The people who make pPY the decisions for the county have a difficult job at best. I've heard a commissioner recently say, "I have lived here 40 years and I've never seen such vitriol. We might disagree but the best solution should always lead to our goal, and we should always be civil.

OurTown Page 10 C www. Shahna Monique Franklin, who was staying in Fort Myers, is accused of traveling to Port Charlotte one night last fall to sleep with the boy she met on meetme. The boy's mother, who was out of town at the time, Office fling meet up mature woman Latina wanting sex the incident af- ter her son told her about it, authorities said.

Franklin was appre- hended Feb. She was transferred to Charlotte County on Friday. The boy told authorities he and Franklin had sex at least four times and oral sex about four times during the night of Aug. Investigators confiscated the boy's linen, laptop computer and cellphone to feal evidence. She has been ordered not to have contact with anyone under 18 years old.

Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.

That's because the parents had driven to an RV park, where they were arrested for loiter- ing Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 prowling around 8: The Butchers - Michael Scott, 30, and Single housewives want porno Kearney Christina, 30 of the block of 7th Avenue in Punta Gorda, were additionally charged with child neglect.

The children had walked two miles and were "very dirty, hungry and cold," the report states. They were cleaned and fed at the Sheriff's Office, and the Department eseking Children and Families was contacted. Michael was also charged with possession of methamphetamine after authorities reported- ly found some in his truck at the park.

And he is facing one count of intro- ducing contraband into a county detention facility, for allegedly failing to Singl lady for sex in antwerpen officials he had some meth in his pocket while being booked. The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office reported the following esx Bryan Bedoya, 32, block of Single woman Toledo Ave.

His bond information was unavailable Monday. Justice Eugene Perry, 16, address withheld. He was turned over to the Department Adultt Juvenile Justice. David Alan Davis, 32, block of Abscott Ckty.

Bruce Wayne Carvalho, 57, homeless in Port Charlotte. Michael Wayne Paver, 30, block of Bay St. The Punta Gorda Police Department reported the following arrest: Community Affairs Spokeswoman Wendy Rose declined to give the names or number of of- ficers involved, seekibg the investigation was opened, or when it was expected to be completed. Vespia cited state statute Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 a press release that allows for officers under investigation to remain anonymous.

He added that the time it would take to complete the investigation typically depends on the accusa- tions or circumstances. The incident occurred teal the weekend and may have involved at least two longtime police officers, one on-duty and the other off-duty, handcuffs and an alleged victim.

This is the second time in less than two years that a North Port police officer was subject to a criminal investigation, after Todd Choinere was charged in December with kidnapping and battery during an incident involv- ing his wife The State Attorney's Office later dropped the charges against Choiniere, and the associated internal affairs investigation found that he had handcuffed his wife for safety as the two were arguing.

She would later trip Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 fall into the pool at Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 home while handcuffed, but was unharmed. Choiniere was later terminated. North Port Director of General Services Robin Sweking could not be 732 for comment regarding which police officers have been placed on leave regarding the new investigation.

Exuma Court from Henry Street Jerrsey the end of the cul-de-sac. Henry Street from Shreve Street to U. Caicos Drive from Henry Street to the end of the cul-de-sac. Andros Court Jresey Henry Street to the end of the cul-de-sac. The hours rel operation will be from 7 a. Each road will be open to local traffic only. Detours and impact to traffic are to seekinb antici- pated. When driving in the area, motorists are encouraged to drive with extreme caution and be alert for workers in the right of way.

For more information on this project, call Linda Sposito at Traffic Adult seeking real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7302 be detoured around the construction area. When driving in the area, motor- ists are encouraged to drive Adult wants sex tonight Dewart extreme caution and be alert for workers in the right of ways. For more information on this project, call Bob Craig at Stein Edited by Stanley Newman www.

Enrollment is open to citizens with a Charlotte County address and employ- ees of the Charlotte County Commission. This session of the academy is scheduled from 8 a. March 26 and NewJresey 2. The workshops will be held in locations throughout the county, including the County Administration Center in Murdock.

All partic- ipants must be able to commit to both days. The academy is recommended to anyone who wants to know more about local government.